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( Naar het Nederlands-Vlaamse deel met o.a. Kid Sheik (100) en Cannonball Adderley (80)) KLANKDRUKKEN HUIZE POLL en COLEMAN HAWKINS

A week ago Frits Jonker pointed me to some great Dutch soundsheets from the 1960s in a selection Jazz or No? It was really great to hear these 1960s ephemeral relics again. It brought me some memories from the period that I became fascinated by records and record playing. During the 1950s and 1960s when I was a kid and a young adult we didn't had a gramophone at home. In those decades, just after the end of the Second World War, the standards of living was not so high ....
I remember that my parents were in an amateur drama club in Hoedekenskerke, a small village in the southwest part of The Netherlands along the Scheldt estuary - at that time for me the center of the world. For a play they needed a gramophone on stage. My parents could lend one from a man some blocks away and I still remember the thrill having a record player at home for a few days. It had only one record: Junge, komm bald wieder by Freddy Quinn ( 1963). Soon we had some records ourselves. Het Beste, the Dutch version of Readers Digest, sent free thin promo records (gratis luisterproef), to invite you to buy sets like Het Beste uit Operette and Musical (= The Best from Light Opera and Musical) or De Gouden Klank der Groten (= The Golden Sound of the Great)
My uncle and aunt in Rotterdam had a gramophone too and when we visited their place in our summer holidays, my brother and I loved to play their gramophone - real breakable records with artists like Dorus ( Tom Manders) and Cor Steyn, two vaudeville artists famous in this part of the world. One of the Klankdrukken ( Soundsheets), we called it Flubberplaatjes, I still have in my collection. It is one to promote the drinking of milk. M-Dag 64 the label reads and the first side was a contest: Grote M-Prijsvraag Voor Een Veilig Verkeer. ( = Great Milk-Contest for Safe Traffic) and the reverse two songs sung by Donald Jones ( his name was not on the label, but we recognized his American accent) Everybody Likes Milk and the Milk-Shake Twist. Donald Jones was an American dancer and vocalist who married a Dutch actress Adele Bloemendaal and lived in The Netherlands.
Another one was a free advertisement record for Citroën Cars, and specially the 2CV. On the record a photo of a young duck. This needs some explanation for foreign readers I guess. In The Netherland this car, the 2CV, is nicknamed a Lelijke Eend (= an Ugly Duckling), like in Germany, where they call it an Ente or Lame Ente. In most other countries they know this type of car as the Kørende Paraply ( = The Driving Umbrella) (In Denmark - is this correct Jo?) or De Geit ( The Goat) in Flanders or Jernseng (= iron bed) in Norway.
These Klankdrukken ( = Soundsheets) were produced by Sonopresse in Rotterdam, that must have made hundred thousands of those tiny plastic record between 1961 and 1984. The Dutch Het Beste "luisterproeven" ( = by Reader's Digest) were most made in England by Sound for Industry. ( The one shown above, titled "The Reader's Digest Luisterproef voor The Big Bands Playing Today's Hits met Pim Jacobs als Uw gastheer" was produced by Sonopresse)

Thanks Frits for some great memories from that period and I will point the visitors of this blog to some of your record later.
If you have stories or remembrances to these "flexies"or "soundsheets", please share it with us. I'm sure a lot of readers wil enjoy it !!
I love to share with you one of those Dutch Klankdrukken, that promotes BP Super Mix Fuel, sung by Corrie Brokken and the Hi-Five, released ca. 1962. Enjoy it


Yesterday I refered to the fact that Charlie Beal was born 100 years ago. He is best known for his appearance in the film New Orleans. I showed you a fragment with Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday singing Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans. Charlie Beal was at the piano. Hvickery posted a part of the Armstrong lyrics of the song: "Where the Blues Were Born in New Orleans"

"Let me introduce Mr. Charlie Beal,

A piano man and can he spiel.

Only has two hands,
But that's a-plenty,

'Cause when he plays

It sounds like 20."

Thanks for that !!

Keep swinging

Hans Koert

Nederlands ( To the English part with Soundsheets and Charlie Beal )

Afgelopen weekend werd in heel Nederland Open Monumentendag georganiseerd. In De Bilt bij Utrecht
werd herdacht dat Coleman Hawkins in de jaren dertig gespeeld had in Huize Poll. Zeventig jaar geleden speelde Coleman Hawkins, die toen in Nederland verbleef, een maand lang in Huize Poll, een danszaal annex restaurant gelegen in De Bilt.
Ruim een jaar geleden onderzocht ik de relatie tussen Coleman Hawkins en Huize Poll hetgeen resulteerde in twee bijdragen, getiteld
Coleman Hawkins en Huize Poll en Huize Poll en Coleman Hawkins
Een aantal ondernemers sloeg de handen in elkaar en organiseerden afgelopen zaterdag, 13 september 2008, op de plaats waar Huize Poll gestaan heeft, een manifestatie. Beide foto's zijn bij die gelegenheid gemaakt. Bedankt Jelle voor de foto's.

KID SHEIK ( 1908 - 1996)
De honderdjarigen zijn niet aan te slepen. Vandaag, 100 jaar geleden, 15 september 1908, werd in New Orleans de trompettist en bandleider Kid Sheik Colar geboren. Deze trompettist is vooral bekend geworden door zijn optredens bij de Preservation Hall Band. Als 18 jarige had hij al zijn eigen band, midden jaren twintig, en speelde in de beroemde, of moet ik zeggen, beruchte wijk van New Orleans, Storyville. Hij werd bekend onder heel wat namen: Kid Sheik, of George" Kid Sheik" of Kid Sheik Colar of Cola. Eind jaren veertig ging hij spelen bij George Lewis en werd in de jaren vijftig lid van de Eureka Brass Band en de Harold Dejan's Olympia Brass Band. In de jaren zestig vinden we hem terug in bands zoals zijn eigen groepen the Swingsters en de Storyville Ramblers met legendarische namen als Capt. John Handy en Cié Frazier. Hij maakte verschillende tournees naar Europa om tenslotte te belanden in de Preservation Hall Band. Ik heb een CD in mijn verzameling waarin hij speelt met de Backroom Boys ( mei 1973 in Kopenhagen-Denemarken). Kid Sheik is 88 jaar oud geworden en overleed november 1996.
Hans Koert -

Als hij nog had geleefd, zou Julian Cannonball Adderley vandaag 80 jaar zijn geworden; hij overleed echter voor zijn vijftigste. Vorige maand schreef ik, op zijn sterfdag, over zijn carrriere in de bijdrage: Julian Cannonball Adderley. Ik schreef eerder over zijn schitterende album Somethin' Else, één van de beste jazzplaten allertijden.


Melk Is Goed Voor Elk is volgens mij zo'n slogan die al jaren meegaat. Melkdrinken is goed voor opgroeiende kinderen; dat is nu zo en dat was vroeger zo !! Toen ik zelf in die fase zat, lang geleden in de vorige eeuw, moest ik zelfs drie bekers melk per dag drinken. Terugkijkend op die tijd kan ik alleen concluderen dat ik daar een verslaving aan heb overgehouden ......... Lees er alles over in: Klankdrukken.

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Blogger Jo said...

Thank you, Hans, for sharing your enjoyable remembrance of sound sheet from young age. I had a couple of sound sheet myself when I had my first grammophone in 1967, free music from magazines for young adults. However, my first experience with a record player was my father's turntable, which was a kind of added device to place on a reel-to-reel player, strange thing, but it worked! I listened to several 78 rpms of classical music this way, before I had my first grammophone. BTW: the sound-sheet should be placed upon the surface of a '45 single/ep to be played properly. The first regular record I had was actually a '45 EP, bought in Tyrol as a present from my mother - it contained great yodelin and accordion music. Since then my taste in music has forever been spoiled, isn't it so, by all means? Well, I'm kidding, of course ...!
Regarding the 2CV, I didn't know it was called a 'kørende paraply' in Danish. People I knew earlier driving such a car, used to call it a 'studenter-mercedes' (that is: a student's Mercedes) or 'sardindåse på hjul' (that is: a can of sardins on wheels). Well, you never get too old to learn new items, names & words, right?

11:31 PM  

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