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Kenny Garrett: Beyond The Wall

( Naar de Nederlandse vertaling.) Kenny Garrett: Achter de Muur
Yesterday, the Olympic Games in Beijing - China have been started with an impressive openings ceremony; millions of people have enjoy these festivities live. China is a country with a lot of musical traditions, as you could hear, that are rather unknown in other parts of the world. I don't think it has a lively jazz-scene, so I wondered if I had to ignore this hot news in my Keep Swinging blog or could use it as an item. Yesterday, believe it or not, I took a record, an at random grab, and found myself Kenny Garrett: Beyond The Wall.

Kenny Garrett, born in October 1960, played the saxophone in some later Miles Davis albums, like Amandla and Dingo and is now an established saxophone player which reminds me to his Great Helmsman, to keep in style, John Coltrane. His music is surprising, full of experiments and, to be honest, not always easily accessible. This 2006 album Beyond The Wall is dedicated to McCoy Tyner, the piano player which he admires. Beyond The Wall is an attempt to investigate Chinese music from a jazz perspective. It comes from a boundary-crossing saxophonist who's always shown a keen interest in Asian cultures and thrives on the conviction that all music worldwide shares common elements. ( Lara Bellini - BBC)

Like so many musicians in the 1960s and 1970s, not only jazz musicians, music of the Far East inspired. They made trips to India and Japan and brought foreign music back home to use in their compositions. Kenny Garrett visited China and made this album in which you can hear how Chinese music inspired him, like in Tsunami song, with Chinese musical themes used in a tune inspired by the big floods of December 2004 or Realization (Marching Towards The Lights) in which you can hear singing Tibetan monks.

I heard Kenny Garrett is a concert July 2003 at the North Sea Jazz Festival in The Hague. I remember a Tsunami of sounds, a lot of fast notes and a screaming saxophone in the upper registers ..... not realy what I wanted to hear at that moment, but this CD Kenny Garrett Beyond The Wall, with great names as Pharaoh Sanders, Bobby Hutcherson ( I heard him the year before, July 2002, in the McCoy Tyner-Bobby Hutcherson Quartet at the North Sea too ), Brian Blade and Mulgrew Miller.

This album, Beyond The Wall, should be treated like a good bottle of wine - if you drink it right after you have bought it, it might be disappointing, but know that it takes some times before it will be to taste.
I didn't found music from this project, but I love to let you hear Kenny Garrett playing. I found two 1991 fragments of a Brasilian music project, titled Sonhos do Brasil, featuring Kenny Garrett, Junko Onishi, Chris Thomas and Brian Blade.

I really like this music and I wonder if it is available on CD.

PAUL WHITEMAN and his AMBASSADOR ORCHESTRA: Paul Whiteman - Henry Busse - Buster Johnson - Gus Mueller - Hale Byers - Ferde Grofe - Mike Pingitore - Sammy Heiss - Harold McDonald.

On the 9th of August 1920, today eighty-eight years ago, four tunes were recorded in the Victor studios in Camden NJ (USA): Japanese Sandman - Avalon - Wang Wang Blues and Whispering. Only the Wang Wang Blues title was released - the others were rejected and re-recorded two weeks later. Whispering should become the first million seller ever !!

Keep swinging

Hans Koert

Nederlands ( To the English translation )

Gisteren begonnen de Olympische spelen in Beijing (Peking) - China met een spectaculaire openingsceremonie; miljoenen mensen over de hele wereld hebben er van genoten. China is een land met veel culturen en muzikale stromingen, die hier in het westen nagenoeg onbekend zijn. Tijdens de openingsceremonie konden we er kennis mee maken. Ik denk niet dat er in Beijing een bloeiende jazz-scene is, waarover ik zou kunnen schrijven voor deze blog. Toch kwam een relevant onderwerp nog toevallig, geloof het of geloof het niet, vrijdag op mijn pad; bij het at random uitzoeken van een CD pakte ik het album van Kenny Garrett: Beyond The Wall. Morgen vind je hier meer over deze CD in de bijdrage: Kenny Garrett: Achter de muur.

PAUL WHITEMAN and his AMBASSADOR ORCHESTRA: Paul Whiteman - Henry Busse - Buster Johnson - Gus Mueller - Hale Byers - Ferde Grofe - Mike Pingitore - Sammy Heiss - Harold McDonald. Op 9 augustus 1920, vandaag achtentachtig jaar geleden, werden vier nummers opgenomen door Paul Whiteman en zijn Ambassador Orchestra in de Victor studio in Camden (NJ) (VS): Japanese Sandman - Avalon - Wang Wang Blues en Whispering. Alleen het nummer Wang Wang Blues bleek bruikbaar - de rest werd afgewezen en twee weken later opnieuw opgenomen. Whispering zou de eerste plaat worden, waarvan er miljoenen verkocht werden.

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