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Triplicate - Three and one: a promising debut

Triplicate - Three and one: een veelbelovend debuut (Nederlands) - Triplicate - Three and one: a promising debut (English)

Creativity is the thing!
TRIPLICATE - THREE AND ONE: A promising debut
Hans Koert

Triplicate keeps the jazz tradition and the spirit of this music alive. (Claudio Roditi). I found this quote by Claudio Roditi, the Brazilian trumpet player on the album cover of a new record by Triplicate, entitled Three and one. Trumpet player Ellister Van Der Molen once met Roditi and his music inspired her. This quote from Claudio Roditi, he is one of my favorites too, made me anxious to listen to the music on the album and I liked it .............

Triplicate: f.l.t.r. Johnny Daly - Bob Wijnen - Ellister Van Der Molen. Right (in the mirror) Eric Ineke: ( phptp curtesy: Berbera Van Den Hoek)

Triplicate isn't about trends or fashions, but is, instead, driven by pure musicianship and a deep love for jazz music. A love that connects tradition with a freshness that is very much rooted in the present.

The drumless trio Triplicate, for their debut album enlarged with Eric Ineke on drums, features Ellister Van Der Molen on trumpet and flugelhorn, Bob Wijnen at the piano and Johnny Daly on double bass. Their first album is entitled Three and one, referring, of course, to their trio form with guest Eric Ineke but also to the Thad Jones composition Three And One orginally recorded by the Jones Brothers ( ( Thad - Hank - Eddie and Elvin) in 1958.

Eric Ineke ( photo courtesy: Hans Koert)
Ellister Van Der Molen is born March 1977 and raised into a music loving family, as she describes it at her website. Her talents to make music attracked attention and she became a student at the preparatory-department for young talented children of the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague, like another Dutch jazz musicians Rik Mol, who, by accident, alo became a jazz trumpet player. In 2000 she graduated and started to play in various jazz bands, from the Jimmy Lunceford Legacy Orchestra, Dim Kesber and Friends, the all-girl band Alice in Dixieland ( despite the name suggests, this ladies-band plays swing, bebop and mainstream jazz), Leticia y su Rumbadama ( an all-women salsa band) and the New Generation Big Band, which plays hiphop and funky rhythms. Together with reeds player David Lukács she cooperated in their own quintet, the David Lukács - Ellister Van Der Molen Quintet. She likes to perform in a trio, a setting she learned to enjoy while she was still at the conservatory. Music is communication, she explains. Playing just the three of us allows us to react on one another right away. We can even all look each other in the eyes. Creativity is the thing! Triplicate - Three and one ( TRPL01) (cover design: De Zagerij)
Her Ellister Three features herself on flugelhorn, Vincent Koning (guitar) and Uli Glaszmann (bass). Triplicate is her second trio, featuring trumpet, piano and double bass. The trio loves to dig into jazz treasures from the past - "something from all the different styles and moods that go to make up the rich tapestry that is jazz music" - music as played by great names like bebop piano player Tadd Dameron or tenor saxophonist, but also a great composer and arranger Benny Golson. who hopes to celebrate his 82nd birthday later this week.
Piano player Bob Wijnen, born in 1971, studied at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague too, played in bands like the Janssen 4, a blend from Jazz, Classical, Popular, World and Folk music. Bass player Johnny Daly is from Ireland and plays in Equinox, a group which surprised with their debut album Equinox. Eric Ineke, who is active in the Dutch jazz scene since the 1960s, don't needs further introduction, I think. He is the regular accompanist in the Rein De Graaff Trio since the early 1970s and has his own group: The Eric Ineke's JazzXpress.
He is also, together with Marius Beets, part of the David Liebman Trio. He teaches percussion at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague and at the Koorenhuis.
The album of Triplicate Three and one, contains almost a dozen tracks, eight standards and three own compositions by trumpet player Ellister Van Der Molen - The first one, with the puzzling name TBV, strikes the right chord - uptempo hard bop - music that fascinates me. Ellister told me that TBV is just what it is: the Dutch abbrevation for ten behoeve van, which means "in behalf of", the work title for the song and the album. Ellister plays flugelhorn in tunes like the standard Three and one, which opens with a drum intro by nester Eric Ineke or in ballads like Gnid, in 1956 recorded by the Tadd Dameron Quartet featuring a young John Coltrane; Bud Powell’s I'll Keep Loving You or in Kenny Wheeler's Everybody's Song But My Own. I really liked Seven Steps to Heaven, played by Ellister on a muted trumpet, originally composed by Victor Feldman, but, of course, remembered by the Miles Davis 1963 recordings - Great to hear this young ambitious group plays such a great tune.

released this album at a concert at Pavlov - The Hague December 2010. Enjoy a fragment in which the band plays its opening tune TBV.

The trio labels its style as chamber jazz, and maybe that's true, as they normally play without a drummer, but this album, featuring Eric Ineke on drums, is much more then that. On the cover they describe their music as a rich homage to the ongoing story of what jazz music was and what it still can be, fuelled by improvisations, that vary from delicate to adventurous. Eric Ineke ( photo courtesy: Hans Koert)

A great debut album of this young group, that knows its roots, not swayed by the issues of the day. The result is "Triplicate", a group dedicated to the roots of jazz music while constantly looking to the future.

You can order your copy at their website .

Hans Koert

The young Dutch group Triplicate released last month its debut album in Pavlov Bar and Restaurant in The Hague, entitled Three and one. The trio, featuring trumpet player Ellister Van Der Molen, pianist Bob Wijnen and double bass player Johnny Dale was enlarged with drummer and nester of the Dutch jazzscene Eric Ineke. Its debut Three and one surprised - a great album made by young people, not swayed by the issues of the day, but striving to keep the jazz tradition and thre spirit of jazz alive, healthy and into the future!(quote (not to the letter): Claudio Roditi.) Keep swinging loves to put such albums in the psot;lights - if you don't want to miss any, follow it at Twitter or ask its free newsletter.

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