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Lloyd Miller in Europe

( Naar de Nederlandse vertaling.)
I received an extensive comment from Dr. Lloyd Miller on my contribution titled Robert Pernet - De Muzikant I posted four month ago. This comment was, in fact, a contribution itself, as it contained Dr. Lloyd Miller's remembrances as a jazz musicians in Europe between 1958 and 1963. I love to share his remembrances today in English; tomorrow the Dutch version will be published as Lloyd Miller in Europa. Lloyd Miller with the International Jazz Quartet at Comblain La Tour Jazz Festival 1960Just to add to information about Freddy (Deronde) and Philip (Catherine). I am Dr. Lloyd Miller and, as a young jazzman in 1957, I left the jazz scene in L.A. where I was playing at the Red Feather, the Digger and the Purple Onion to live one year in Tehran (Iran), from where I continued on to Frankfurt (Germany) to become part of the jazz scene in Europe from 1958 to 1963. One night at the jazz keller in Mainz (Germany) in 1958 where I was the house pianist, Don Ellis and Eddie Harris with a Turkish trumpet man called Maffy Falay dropped in with other members of the US army Jazz Three band. After the jam, Don and Eddie read through some of my Eastern inspired charts and Don affirmed that he would continue along that line in his jazz career. After Germany, I went to Switzerland and then Stockholm (Sweden) where in 1960 I worked with Sweden’s top jazzmen. At the BRA Studio, I recorded with trumpeter Lars Färnlöf, tenor man Bernt Rosengren and bary saxist Lennart Jansson among others reading through my charts released on my Lloyd Miller with jazz greats in Europe I (CD 7).Philip Catherine and Robert Pernet ( late 1960s)At another session, Seymour Österwall’s big band with the same three Swedish jazzmen read through my score of Night in Tunisia, all these are on recent released CDs of my days in Europe. From Sweden, myself, Lennart Jansson and bassist Connie Lundin went to Paris stopping off to play at Domicile du Jazz in Frankfurt (Germany) and at the Rose Noire in Brussels ( Belgium) we played there a while but bassist Connie took off but not without leaving his hard driving solid style with Freddie Deronde who became our bassist. The band which I named the International Jazz Quartet or IJQ played at the Comblain la Tour jazz festival. We had hoped to include the Turkish trumpeter Maffy Falay who I had been working with on various Army bases but he couldn't make it. One night at the Rose Noire a lady brought her young guitarist son and asked me to help him with his jazz playing. She offered to buy us dinners, so I agreed even if pianists don't always like guitarists. After several sessions the guitarist (Philip Catherine) became quite good and I recorded one piece him and released the recording on my Lloyd Miller with jazz greats in Europe II (CD-8). Occasionally saxist Jaques Peltzer would come from Liege ( Belgium), where he was a pharmacist to jam with my band and sometimes we went over to Benoit Quersin's Blue Note to play. When I took my band to Paris, Lennart Jansson was hired to play at the famous Blue Note with Bud Powell and Kenny Clark while I played occasionally at the Camillion, occasionally visiting the Blue Note to sit in for Bud on piano. The International Jazz Quartet with Lennart Jansson, Freddie Deronde and Lloyd Miller ( at the Rose Noir in Brusssels - 1960))Later I became featured soloist in the ensemble of famous French jazz innovator Jef Gilson. On Le Grand Bidou of Gilson's famous 10 inch LP, I furnished an Indian drone and drew on Laotian kan concepts for a micro-organ solo. On Bizarre and Chant Inca, I played a pentatonic African Balaphone occasionally raising the tone of the wooden bars by pressing on them with one mallet. On my CD of the Gilson concerts (Lloyd Miller with jazz greats in Europe I (CD 7)), a 1961 piano interpretation of St. Louis Blues I did was quite a hit. Back in Stockholm I recorded with Lars Färnlöf Quintet and a bary saxist experimenting with influence from Eastern music on a tune called Mo Tse which was a Chinese inspired chart indicating my future direction culminating in the creation of what came to be known as Oriental Jazz, a blend of cool jazz and Eastern concepts or sometimes just Eastern instrumental performances.Lloyd Miller in Salt Lake City (USA) late 1960s
Back in the US in the mid 1960s, I won trophies at Inter-collegiate Jazz festivals three years in a row in the and a national composer award for an Indonesian-inspired balad which can be heard on the Oriental Jazz (CD 9) and the Oriental Jazz (DVDJZ3) from.

Commend by Dr. Lloyd Miller as sent to
Hope to listen to these albums once - especially the European must have very interesting stuff. All info about te records mentioned can be found at his website. Thanks Lloyd for your extensive commend.

Yesterday I posted my preciew of my visit the
North Sea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam next Friday and told you about the Tom Scott L.A. Express concert with Terence Blanchard and Nat Adderley jr. ! Some hours later I received a mailing by the festival organisation that Tom Scott & the L.A. Express has cancelled its concert at the festival and will be replaced by Lee Ritenour. Lee Ritenous , the well known fusion guitar player, will bring Alan Pasqua (keyboards), Victor Bailey (bass) and Rodney Holmes (drums) to Rotterdam.

Newport '58:

Fifty years ago, July 1958, the Newport Festival was one of the leading festival in the eastern part of the US. If you look back on the list of artists who played on that festival it gives me the feeling that I should have been there; well, I wasn't it !! Louis Armstrong - Jack Teagarden - Chuck Berry - Jimmy Giuffre Trio - Chico Hamilton Quintet - Mahalia Jackson - Thelonious Monk Trio - Gerry Mulligan - Anita O' Day - Sonny Stitt - Sal Salvadore - George Shearing Quintet, Horace Silver Quintet and Dinah Washington . It is, thanks to the film Jazz On A Summer's Day, one of the best documented festivals of the XXth century. Last year the recordings by the Horace Silver Quintet concert on that festival were issued by Blue Note, forgotten for almost 50 years !

Keep swinging

Hans Koert
Nederlands ( To the English translation )
Ik ontving een uitgebreide reactie van Dr. Lloyd Miller op mijn bijdrage getiteld Robert Pernet - De Muzikant, dat ik vier maanden geleden plaatste. Deze reactie was echter meer een herinnering aan de tijd dat Lloyd Miller zelf in de jaren 1958 tot en met 1963 als jazzmuzikant in Europa speelde en vandaar dat ik zijn comentaar als een aparte bijdrage wil publiceren. Vandaag de originele Engelse versie - morgen vind je hier de Nederlandse vertaling in Lloyd Miller in Europa.

Hans Koert -

TOM SCOTT L.A. EXPRESS afgelast: Gisteren plaatste in een vooruitblik op het Northsea Jazz Festival in Rotterdam, met name over de vrijdag, de dag, die ik op het festival hoop door te brengen. Ik noemde daar het concert van Tom Scott en de L.A. Express met Terence Blanchard en Nat Adderley jr., edoch .... een paar uur later kreeg ik een mailing van het festival dat de groep verstek moet laten gaan en vervangen wordt door Lee Ritenour. Lee Ritenour, de bekende fusion gitarist zal Alan Pasqua (keyboards), Victor Bailey (bas) en Rodney Holmes (slagwerk) meebrengen naar Rotterdam.

Newport '58:
Vijftig jaar geleden, juli 1958, vond het Newport Festival plaat, het belangrijkste festival toendertijd in het oosten van de VS. Als je nu, vijftig jaar later, terug kijkt naar de lijst met artiesten, die optraden dan geeft je dat een wat weemoedig nostalgisch gevoel: Louis Armstrong - Jack Teagarden - Chuck Berry - Jimmy Giuffre Trio - Chico Hamilton Quintet - Mahalia Jackson - Thelonious Monk Trio - Gerry Mulligan - Anita O' Day - Sonny Stitt - Sal Salvadore - George Shearing Quintet, Horace Silver Quintet en Dinah Washington. Dankzij de film Jazz On A Summer's Day, is dit festival één van de best vastgelegde festival uit de XXste eeuw geworden. Vorig jaar nog werden de opnamen van het Horace Silver Quintet, opgenomen tijdens dit festival, na 50 jaar alsnog uitgebracht door Blue Note; ze waren al die tijd vergeten en kwamen onlangs pas weer boven water.

Keep swinging

Hans Koert

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