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A Great Night Of Music And Fun

( Naar de Nederlandse vertaling.)
During a three week tour the Dutch Forest Jazz Band visited Australia with a trip along several clubs in the southern and eastern parts of Australia, Victoria. I got some enthusiastic reactions, that brought some great reviews of concerts. One week ago I posted a review from the Noosa Club concert by Richard Stevens and this time I will publish a review at the Peninsula Jazz Club in Melbourne on the 23rd of February 2008 made by Aussie Piping and Tony L.

Saturday night – February 23 – 2008
Venue: Peninsula Jazz Club – Melbourne – Australia.

Seems the camaraderie of Jazz lover’s through-out the world knows no bounds. Our overseas visitors, natives of the Netherlands and coming from literally out of the woods of the forests of De Veluwe near their hometown of Apeldoorn located in central Holland, were warmly greeted by all in attendance. Being introduced for the evening by our President, Harry Daniels, as - The Dutch Forest Jazz Band.

They had just completed a seemingly whirlwind tour of the Oz Northern States of Queensland (Gold Coast City Jazz Club, Noosa Jazz Club amongst others) and New South Wales (Newcastle Jazz Club, Gosford and Dubbo Jazz Clubs) and had performed the previous day, at the Dutch (Nederlandse) Club in Melbourne to an enthusiastic audience. So on their last night on Australian soil, it was our turn to experience the pleasure that many an International band can give - New Faces – New sounds, etc. Their reputation preceded them and for those in the know there were no disappointments – quite the opposite actually. Though little known too many here in Australia apart from ex. Dutch nationals living here. To a gathered crowd of 190 strong, true Jazz lovers, this world renowned band gave our lucky group a Glimpse of Dutch Jazz from the other side of the Globe encompassing a Swing-style, with a Dixieland flavour, and just a hint of Trad. Which both listeners and dancers alike enjoyed most warmly. What was to follow was an extremely polished professional performance by a very accomplished band of well known throughout Europe and overseas, International musicians.
Opening with a truly patriotic Waltzing Matilda, the band immediately captured the audience’s attention. An avalanche of pure Jazz numbers soon came – known and loved by all present, beginning with When You’re Smiling. At this time the dancers invaded the floor, where most of them were to stay all evening, thoroughly enjoying the night’s reverie. - This was quickly followed by - Buddy Bolden’s Blues, (one of the writer’s favorites and spontaneously sung at our table) and immediately followed by - Shine, Sugar, Please Don’t Talk About Me, New Orleans, Rosetta, (on request) How Come You Do Me?
This completed the first set – Wow!
The second set for the evening commenced with - Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen introduced and proudly sung in his native tongue by Peter den Boer / drums / vocals, with much feeling and flair. We were then introduced to Louis Bink / trumpet / vocals, also doubling as announcer on the night, at times playing two different trumpets, one by the way, a resplendent orange colour: the Dutch National Colours. Oh how proudly he played and brandished it. What followed then was a kaleidoscope of true Jazz with tunes like – Tin Roof Blues, Indiana, A Wonderful World – (a wonderful rendition). Then came what must surely have been one of the highlights of the night: A piano Boogie duet – (One piano had to suffice as the airlines refused the other as luggage! Much laughter was heard here) With Harald Haverkorn / piano and Raymond Spruyt - being most proficient not only on banjo and guitar, but is also surprisingly quite at home behind the keyboard. It should be said that Harald’s expertise at the pianoforte, is one of consummate ease, with plenty of light and shade in his performances – a delight to the ear. Surely one of the best overseas artists we have had the privilege to hear, to see and to meet at our club. A rather lilting rendition of Petite Fleur soon followed by Gerrit Brouwer / clarinet, whose polished performance on the night was extraordinary to say the least. The set finished off with Exactly Like You.
During the course of the evening we were introduced to the band members with an Australian name to match:
Ton Bos (Tom) – trombone / Leader
Gerrit Brouwer (Gerry) - clarinet
Louis Bink (Louis)- trumpet / vocals
Raymond Spruyt (Ray) - banjo /guitar / piano
Harald Haverkorn (Harold) - piano
Peter den Boer ( Peter)- drums / vocals
Jan. Joost de Weyer (James) - bass
During the latter part of the evening those people in the crowd who were seated at the rear of the room (writer and wife included) were surprised with the announcement from the stage by Peter den Boer that As those at the front of the audience paid the same amount of money as those at the back, we will now go and play exclusively to the people seated at the rear tables. – His interpretation was along the lines of: Since we have played to the front sides now we will play to the Back sides – roars of laughter arose from the throng. True to his word, the band: less Harald Haverkorn and Jan. Joost de Weyer (who for obvious reasons remained on the bandstand), opened their performance to the strains of that old favourite for many, Ice-cream – (being a request). A tour of the rear tables then commenced - The Band consisted of : Ton Bos, Gerrit Brouwer, Louis Bink and Raymond Spruyt and being invited to join this group of very accomplished musicians on their troubadour travels was our very own and much loved Chris.“Charlie” Farley / banjo, he also doubled as soundman for the night. This group was led by a rather affable and lovable chap, Peter den Boer. His character a sheer delight and voice a great joy. Our little surprised group of tables at the rear of the hall then enjoyed not only the bands infectious playing, but was asked to participate and sing-along with them, which we all did most heartily. What a Hoot! Alas the name of the second number played escapes me as we at our table were too busy laughing and singing along at the time. Amongst the tunes that followed; There was a heart felt rendition of Happy Birthday to two lucky ladies in the audience.
Then sung both in Dutch and English, exclusively it seemed, came Marina -Marina – Marina. During this wandering performance and ably dueting with the band’s own very accomplished banjo player Raymond Spruyt was the Melbourne banjo player Charlie Farley. For him and also for our members and guests the experience was one of intense delight, swelling pride and enjoyment. (Especially for another two of Melbourne’s best banjo players who were also present in the audience. Both seemed spellbound by the performance). Moving onto other tables a chorus of When the Saints was only just audible over the sound of the 190 gathered there, as they all sung in gay abandon, What a time we had! Then the entire band joined-up back on the stage, playing such numbers as, Beale Street Blues, Blues My Naughty, Bourbon Street Parade, Sunny Side of the Street, etc. But when it came to the final tune for the evening – Doctor Jazz, cheers of more! - More! - More! arose from the enthusiastic audience. The band’s leader and final spokesman Ton Bos (Tom) thanked all present for coming to listen and sharing just a few of the band’s experiences on their Aussie tour – such as Kangaroos, Koalas, and the rain and more rain they had in Queensland etc. He went on to thank most profusely our very much endeared President Harry Daniels and his hard working team for allowing all this to happen.
P.S. It is surely worth noting that much of the frivolities and fun that permeated the evening has been captured for perpetuity much to the foresight of our very own resident photographers - Ian and Eric. These can be viewed on the Peninsula Jazz Club website.
Aussi Piping - Tony L. (Melbourne-Australia)

WHEN MY SUGAR WALKS DOWN THE STREET - WOLVERINE Orchestra: Jimmy McPartland cornet, Jimmy Hartwell clarinet, George Johnson tenor sax, Dick Voynow piano, Bob Gillette banjo, Min Leibrook tuba, Vic Moore drums, Dave Harmon vocal. Recorded in the Gennett studios Richmond Indiana on Friday the 5th of December 1924

What musician was called CANNONBALL and why was he called so. Send your suggestions to: keepswinging@live.nl

Keep swinging

Hans Koert


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Nederlands ( To the English translation )

Tijdens een drie weken durende tournee bezocht de Nederlandse Forest Jazz Band uit Apeldoorn verschillende clubs in het oosten en zuiden van Australië. Ik kreeg een paar enthousiaste reacties, die uiteindelijk leidden tot een paar uitgebreide recenties over enkele concerten. Vorige week postte ik een verslag van het concert in
de Noosa Jazz Club door Richard Stevens en deze keer vinden jullie hierboven een terugblik op het concert in de Peninsula Jazz Club in Melbourne op 23 februari van dit jaar, geschreven door Aussie Piping en Tony L. Gisteren publiceerde ik de Nederlandse vertaling van dit uitgebreide ooggetuige verslag. Graag wil ik jullie voor vandaag wijzen op drie interessante bijdragen, die je terugvindt onder het Retrospect-kopje: Modern Times (over de gelijknamige film van Charlie Chaplin) - Kansas City - Jazz '34 Een heel interessante documentaire, waarin hedendaagse jazzmusici in de huid van hun voorgangers kruiepen en Abel Ferreira - Chorando Baixinho, een Choro bijdrage van Joergen.

WHEN MY SUGAR WALKS DOWN THE STREET - WOLVERINE Orchestra: Jimmy McPartland cornet, Jimmy Hartwell klarinet, George Johnson tenorsax, Dick Voynow piano, Bob Gillette banjo, Min Leibrook tuba, Vic Moore slagwerk, Dave Harmon zang. Opgenomen in de Gennett studio's van Richmond Indiana op vrijdag 5 december 1924

Welke jazzmuzikant stond bekend als CANNONBALL en waaarom werd hij zo genoemd?
Oplossingen en andere schuilnamen graag sturen naar:

11 March/maart:
  • arkansas blues / sugar step = fred elizalde hot music
  • drifting = johnny noble hawaiians-david m. burrows trio


  • donald's better self = donald duck cartoon
  • marie / something tells me / i love to whistle / you went to my heart / florida flo / lost and found / don't try to cry your way back to me =fats waller rhythm
Keep swinging

Hans Koert



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