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New Cool Collective with Jules Deelder in concert in Middelburg

New Cool Collective with Jules Deelder in concert in Middelburg (English) New Cool Collective met Jules Deelder in de Stadsschouwburg van Middelburg (Nederlands)

Run-up for the 3rd International Jazz Festival Middelburg
Hans Koert

On Saturday the 16th of May, 2009, The New Cool Collective performed at the Stadsschouwburg of Middelburg, in the southwest part of The Netherlands, as the run-up for the coming International Jazz Festival of Middelburg, scheduled in the last weekend of May 2009.
Benjamin Herman ( photo courtesy: Hans Koert)
The eight men of the New Cool Collective, directed by Benjamin Herman, had invited two special guest to tour Jules Deelder, Dutch poet, nicknamed Nachtburgemeester van Rotterdam (= the Night-mayor of Rotterdam) and his saxophone player Ger “Sax” Van Voorden.
The band, founded fifteen years ago by Benjamin Herman, features, of course, the leader on alto saxophone and flute, David Rockefeller on trumpet, fluegelhorn and trombone,
Anton Goudsmit at the guitar, Willem Friede at the keyboards, Leslie Lopez bass guitar and solo guitar, Frank van Dok and Jos de Haas percussion. And, last but not least, Joost Kroon on drums.
Guests: Jules Deelder, speech, snare drum, tenor saxophone, promotor of bebop jazz and Ger “Sax” Van Voorden on tenor saxophone; Deelder's companion for years in bands like Trio Me Reet + 2..

Ger "Sax" Van Voorden and Jules Deelder (photo courtesy Hans Koert)
The first set started with the great tune Trees and Grass and Things, a tune, originally recorded by the Charles Williams Septet in 1972. followed by tunes like Boca Arriba and Lang Lang, named after piano player Lang Lang, with a great guitar solo by Anton Goudsmit, in his typically expressive and energetic way of playing his instrument. ( The Guardian, an English news paper seems to have labelled him once as: “Seeing Anton play his guitar, makes you wonder where the fire escape is..." )
Jules Deelder ( photo courtesy: Hans Koert)
Between the instrumentals Jules Deelder brought his poems, dressed in his typically outfit, his 1950s pair of glasses and hair style, like Jazzverleden and, sung in a trio, accompanied by Ger's groovy sax and Anton Goudsmit's screaming chords: his poem Blues on Tuesday. In his story Romilar he described his experiences with this cough syrup and its effects playing free jazz in an Antwerp bar. The bands version of free jazz was the sign to leave the room for a drink; only some die-hards survived. It remembered me to the 1960s concerts of Nieuwe Muziek in this same Stadsschouwburg 40 years ago with musicians like Willem Breuker and Han Bennink.
Ger "Sax" Van Voorden ( photo courtesy: Hans Koert)
The second set, after the break, started with Jules Deelder playing an old vinyl 33rpm LP record from the 1950s by the Jazz Messenger, which brought the members of the band back on stage playing the tune, No Problem, live in stead of canned music, as Jazz moet live opgediend worden (= Jazz should be served live.) as Deelder explained.
Anton Goudsmit ( photo courtesy: Hans Koert)
In the second half more African flavoured music by the band, like the tune Lucoolmi, which was recorded by Benjamin in the 1990s and belongs to one of his favourites. The audience got what it wanted - A professional show by skilled musicians, fast latin flavoured rhythms by the percussion group ( a great solo by Frank van Dok on conga), energetic solos by Anton Goudsmit and groovy solos by Ger Sax Van Voorden, Deelder's companion for years.
The New Cool Collective in Middelburg ( photo courtesy: Hans Koert)
Jules Deelder, of course, didn't forget his famous Jazz Is Jazz Leeft (Gebeurt Beweegt ………) and the less known Bumrap, one of his rare English poems, recited some one-liners in Bundel ( Het licht in de tunnel is het naderend eind) and played, stoic, with a deadpan expression, his snare drums with his brushes, as a character of the 1950s jazz scene in front of the band. That's Deelder - that's what the audience expect from Deelder ...............

David Rockefeller ( photo courtesy: Hans Koert)
It was one of last performances in this setting; maybe that made it a pleasure to be part of it, although the collective sung folk tune Toen Wij Uit Rotterdam Vertrokken did raise my eyebrows. In my opinion, this concert would have been perfect as an open air performance at the inner court of the Abbey, where the people can make a choice to sit down or to dance. Maybe next festival! After the final tune, Machowe, the audience left tired, but well-satisfied in the night.
Jules Deelder ( photo courtesy: Hans Koert)
This concert was the final concert before the start of the
Third International Jazz Festival of Middelburg in the last weekend of May with great names like Courtney Pine, Gino Vannelli, Dave Holland and a lot of more music to be schedulded in the attractive inner court of the Abbey or historical market place in the old centre of the city. You can find the complete program at the festival site.

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