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Jorgelina Alemán debut album reissued

El Jazz en las Venas
An homage to the great Argentine guitar player, vocalist and entertainer Oscar Alemán
Hans Koert

Three and a half year ago the Keep (it) Swinging blog posted a review of Jorgelina Alemán's album El Jazz en las Venas in Dutch, Spanish and English. This album, which was recorded at a live performance at the Teatro N/D Ateneo (Buenos Aires - Argentina) on the last day of May, 2003, has been unavailable for a long  time and is now re-issued, including a bonus track ....... I love to re-post parts of this original review with some new photos.

Jorgelina Alemán ( photo courtesy: Jorgelina Alemán)
Jorgelina Aleman, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, November 1966, is, nowadays, a celebrated jazz vocalist, who plays to full houses  all around Argentina and surroundings, with her band, featuring Daniel Cossarini at the piano, Néstor Barbieri on guitar, Rubén Ferrari on double bass and Matias Goytia on drums, and with the unsurpassable conjunction of distinction and charm with which she handles her musical repertory, even the most demanding audiences, the liner notes read. Being the granddaughter of the great Argentine guitar player and entertainer Oscar Alemán, she followed in her grandfather's footsteps as a vocalist and entertainer. The album contains 15 tracks, most jazz traditionals from the All American Songbook, like the St. Louis Blues, I can't Give you Anything But Love or Making Wooppie (sic), but also a bunch of tunes, made famous by Oscar Aleman, as played during his 50 year carreer in showbiz. Tune like Besame Mucho, Tengo ritmo (= Crazy Rhythm) and, of course, his signature tune Hombre Mio are known by each Oscar Alemán fan.
Jorgelina Alemán - El Jazz en las Venas (Fonocal 526)
At the age of four, Jorgelina started to dance ballet; at the age of 15 she studied jazz-dance choreography with Moira Chapman in the Escuela de Artes Escénicos FAMA for 10 years. When she completed her study for dancing, she continued Comedia Musical ( = Musical Comedy) in the prestigious institute from director Manuel Gonzalez Gil, where they found out that she had a great voice. Het debut was in 1997 when she performed with a blues band singing gospels, negro-spirituals and songs in the jazz and blues repertoire. As she became fascinated by the music of her grandfather, the music she has heard at home since she was a kid ( her grandfather passed away when she was 14 years young woman), she started to study Black Music and music lessons from Cristina Aguayo, a well known blues singer in Argentina. She also wanted to become and actress and studied at the Estudia Artes dramáticas ( = a drama school) of Carmen Vallejo, actress and Oscar's widow.
Jorgelina Alemán (photo courtesy: Jorgelina Aleman)
In 2003 this album El Jazz en las Venas, her debut album, was released; a live album, which was recorded at the Teatro N/D Ateneo (May 2003)
Jorgelina Aleman ( photo courtesy: Jorgelina Alemán)
The reissued album contains, except a video clip of Besame Mucho y El Show, also a tribute to her grandfather, Stardust, in which she sings with the original 1944 recording by Oscar Aleman y su Quinteto de Swing. It's a pity that the original source was dated wrong as the record used, Polvo de Estrelas (= Stardust) was recorded at the 26th of October, 1944 by Oscar Aleman y su Quinteto de Swing and not in 1943 by Oscar Alemán y u orquesta, a band which started recording in the early 1950s. A pity, as the online Oscar Alemán discography shows the right information ( please scroll down). This bonus track is also available on the recently released 2cd album Oscar Aleman: Eternamente vivo - a release of rare 1950s - 1970s radio programs and live concerts by Oscar Alemán.
POLVO DE ESTRELLAS - OSCAR ALEMAN y su Quinteto de Swing ( source: online Oscar-Aleman Discography - Hans Koert)
If you love the music of Oscar Alemán and you love to learn what happened with the soul and roots of this great Argentine guitarist, vocalist and entertainer, who passed away in 1980, you should try to get a copy of this Jorgelina Alemán's debut album: El Jazz en las Venas. This album can be ordered at Jorgelina's website.
Hans Koert

Born in a musical family, Jorgelina Alemán developed the last decades into a popular jazzvocalist in Argentina. Almost ten years ago her debut album El Jazz en las Venas was an homage to the music of her grandfather, the Argentine guitarist, vocalist and entertainer Oscar Alemán. The Oscar Aleman blog, related to the Keep Swinging blog is fully dedicated to the music of this popular Argentine artist of the 20th century. The Keep Swinging blog loves to point you to this reissue. You can follow the Keep (it) Swinging blog at Twitter ( #keepitswinging) or ask for its free newsletter (

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