Tuesday, November 06, 2007

DSC Band & Acker Bilk In Concert.

On November the 3rd I had the pleasure of attending a double concert featuring the Dutch Swing College Band and Acker Bilk and his Paramount Jazz Band, who are on tour in Denmark during November. The concert took place at the new concert hall situated in Alsion, Sonderborg. Alsion, which is a division of the University of Southern Denmark, was officially declared open for the public by the Queen of Denmark on October the 30th, the building is designed for the use of university students and science activity, but also contains a grand and magnificent
concert hall, where the concert took place.

The Dutch Swing College Band played the first part of the double concert fronting an enthusiastic audience, who got what they had paid for - an entertaining show of traditional jazz in the best of dixieland and swing style, performed by a professional and engaging band. The repertoire of the band consisted of standards with an accent on swing, most of the tunes are contained in the band's latest cd entitled "Swing That Music", a live-recording made in Germany 2006.

To give you an impression of the music played by the DSC band, I insert three video fragments below, recorded at the 2006 live concert in Germany. - The first video features the band's version of "Swing That Music"

Another fragment from the same concert features DSC band playing "China Boy", also performed at the concert in Alsion, Sonderborg:

A highlight during the concert in Alsion was the band's performance of "Light Hearted Banjo Strings", a tune composed by Arie Lighthart (1924-1997), , a former and now departed member of the DSCB, here featuring the contemporary band's excellent banjoist/guitarist, Ton van Bergeyk as a soloist:

Secound half of the double concert featured a performance by Acker Bilk and his Paramount Jazz Band, as mentioned. Mr. Acker Bilk has been and still is popular with the Danish audience and both he and the band was given a warm wellcome and a grand applause in Alsion. The performance by the band of course included Acker Bilk's hit from 1961, "Strangers On A Shore", but also contained regular jazz well executed by both the leader and his bandmembers. A part of the concert was performed by Acker Bilk and the band's piano player, Colin Wood, in a duo setting. One of the tunes performed by the duo was "Corrine Corrina" - I found a video featuring this recorded at another live gig to illustrate a great moment from the concert in Alsion:


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