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New Orpheans (with Eric Vloeimans) in concert

New Orpheans op Jazzfestival Middelburg ( Nederlands) New Orpheans (with Eric Vloeimans) in concert (English)
3rd International Jazz Festival Middelburg
Hans Koert

Big Bands are monsters ……too much musicians to handle properly, too expensive and it takes up a lot of space when it performs.

De trumpet section: f.l.t.r. Rinus Zuidweg - Pim Schrijver and Koen Minnaert ( photo courtesy: Hans Koert)
In the Netherlands only few professional big bands have survived, thanks to subsidies and sponsoring, like the Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw or the Dutch Jazz Orchestra; others, most radio big bands, became extinct. There are but few big bands, like the New Orpheans, which is an almost hundred percent amateur orchestra.
Marjon Van Iwaarden (photo courtesy: Hans Koert)

This 14 men band presented itself at a swinging concert at the International Jazz Festival of Middelburg, Sunday the 31st of May, 2009. This band featured Rinus Zuidweg, Pim Schrijver and Koen Minnaert on trumpets, Frans van der Wende and, guest player, Ger Bloemen on trombone, Franklin Schiemen, Guiseppe Krekelberg, Ko Zuidweg and Stephan Krekelberg in the reed section, Sjaak Lammers piano and Hammond, Michiel Stekelenburg guitar, Collin Clement bass guitar and Lennert Goemans drums. Marjon Van Iwaarden was the vocalist. For this concert they had invited some special guests: Jeroen Van Vliet and Eric Vloeimans.

Koen Minnaert (foto: Hans Koert)

The band opened with some swinging tunes, featuring Marjon Van Iwaarden, in I Got You Under My Skin, Move Out, a Chris Krekelberg composition and the 1937 hit by Edythe Wright, vocalist of the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, The Lady is a Tramp. Marjon Van Iwaarden was in the 1990s one of the members of 2 Unlimited and sung in musicals. She has her own band Stunning and the M4 Quartet. She also reached some local fame with Dutch songs like De Tunnel. She has a great voice to sing jazz.

Franklin Schieman ( foto: Hans Koert)
The orchestra played some own compositions by Sjaak Lammers like Shoarma Karma. Sjaak also arranged the 1972 tune Sky Dive by Freddie Hubbard.
Eric Vloeimans ( foto: Hans Koert)

The two guest players invited, Jeroen Van Vliet and Eric Vloeimans, joined the band half way the concert. Jeroen Van Vliet, piano player, has his own trio, but also performs together with Eric Vloeimans, who belongs of the best trumpet players in the Dutch jazz scene. During this concert they impressed with a duo performance of Another Song.

Jeroen van Vliet (photo courtesy: Hans Koert)

Both musicians were in their element and gave the concert an extra dimension. Due to the grand piano Jeroen van Vliet was hidden for the audience; one of the draw backs of a too large big band on a two small stage.
Eric Vloeimans ( photo courtesy: Hans Koert)

The final tune, Mojo, learned that the band can swing like hell and gave soloist like Franklin Schieman on alto saxophone and Koen Minnaert ( in a duo with Eric Vloeimans) elbow-room to present themselves. A great concert that learned that jazz can be played by both amateurs or professionals on a high level, if they have the right groove.

De sax-section: f.l.t.r. Guiseppe Krekelberg, Ko Zuidweg, Franklin Schieman and Stephan Krekelberg (photo courtesy: Hans Koert)

If you're anxious to hear this band, know that Rinus still has some copies left of their first album “To Be Continued” ( true words - as the second one will be recorded soon). Mind that it will become a collector's item, as it is one of Rik Mol's first recordings. On the 6th of June 2009 these New Orpheans ( without Eric and Jeroen) will perform at the het Schelde Jazz Festival in Terneuzen, in the south west part of the Netherlands. ( start 8:00 am)

Hans Koert -

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Anonymous Rooster Ties said...

I have two or three discs with Vloeimans (a leader date of his, and he's a sideman on a couple I think) -- and he's pretty baad-ass.

He kinda reminds me of Kenny Wheeler a bit, or maybe even Tomasz Stanko (that is, if you think Wheeler and Stanko are baad-ass too).

Rooster Ties (Kansas City) (US)
(Organissimo Jazz Forum)

6:05 PM  
Blogger Buns O'Plenty said...

nice blog! enjoying it

10:23 PM  
Anonymous Peter D. said...

Both Jeroen and Eric are MONSTER players.

I love them both! Thanks for posting this. I hope both of them get better known in the US. They are both really deserving of play here.

I heard Eric guest with the Starvinsky Orkestar last year and his solo was the highlight of the night.

He also recorded a new CD at Yoshi's last year, which is beautiful.

Jeroen's new CD is also fantastic, it's ECM'ish, but has its own feel and vibe.


Peter D. (Oakland CA) (USA)
(Speakaeasy Jazz corner blog)

5:08 PM  

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