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Twobones 2007 ( featuring Dado Moroni)

( Naar de Nederlandse vertaling.) Twobones 2007 ( met Dado Moroni)
Today I love to introduce you to a great album by the Swiss Twobones 2007, a group around the two trombone players Paul Haag and Danilo Moccia. I found their latest album Groovin' Bones, which features piano player Dado Moroni.
For me there were two reasons to obtain this album. First reason: on this album two trombone players are playing. I'm really fascinated by this instrument, as played by
Adrian Mears
, Jay Jay Johnson and Kai Winding or Slide Hampton. The second reason is the presence of Dado Moroni.

Dado Moroni ( photo courtesy Hans Koert)

This group, Twobones, was founded in 1986 by two trombone players Paul Haag and Danilo Moccia and features Isla Eckinger on bass and Peter Schmidlin on drums. This Twobones 2007 release is its latest and was produced after a 2006-2007 concert tour, along several venue in that part of the world. It is a live recording at the Salzhaus in Brugg (Switzerland) and contains tunes that haven't been recorded before by this band. Mind that these Twobones Quartet made at least five previous albums!! Most tunes were arranged by Danilo Moccia for two trombones. Paul Haag is active in the Swiss Jazz scene since the 1950s when he learned to play the trombone, fascinated by the music of Tommy Dorsey. Danilo Moccia is from Losone - Switzerland and played with the Lugano Big Band, where he met Paul Haag. Together they decided to form Twobones. Danilo Moccia plays also in various other Swiss / Italian bands, like the Big Band of Lausanne. Both Isla Eckinger, the bass man (who started on trombone actually) as Peter Schmidlin the drummer joined the band more then ten years ago; both are excellent skilled jazz musicians.

During the 2006-2007 tour with the Twobones 2007 Dado Moroni played the piano and his name was for me the second reason to obtain this record. He is one of my favourite piano players; a "giant" on the keyboard in more then one aspect! I heard him for the very first time with Bert Joris last year at the Porgy en Bess Jazz Club in Terneuzen, in the southwest part of The Netherlands. Not so strange, if you know that Bert Joris often plays in Switzerland. Remember the contribution about Till Grünewald’s “Phonosource". Born in Genova he played the piano at four and became professional when he was 14. He played since that time with all the greats in jazz and I found a fragment from the Ascona festival where he plays in an almost ultimate all-star formation with Jesse Davis on alto saxophone, Alvin Queen, my favourite drummer, Terell Stafford trumpet player and Giorgos Antoniou on bass. I've seen and heard all these musicians in concert: Jesse Davis, Terell Stafford and Alvin Queen in a concert labelled as A Salute to Jazz at the Philharmonic July 2002 at the North Sea Jazz Festival in The Hague ( and Alvin Queen was in the Porgy en Bess jazz club too, in the Cedar Walton Quartet, featuring Roy Hargrove February 1998. Giorgios Antonious in the Roberta Gambarini Quartet - October 2007.
Dado Moroni (photo courtesy Hans Koert)

Enjoy this small documentary and concert with some interviews with Jesse Davis and Dado Moroni himself. Bibliotheca - Ascona. June 2007.

Isn't that great? It's a pity that I couldn't find any Twobones film fragments. Maybe later !!

Hans Koert -
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Keep swinging

Hans Koert

Nederlands ( To the English translation ) Twobones 2007: met Dado Moroni

Soms is een plaat al verkocht, voordat je hem goed en wel in je handen hebt ...... zo ook deze plaat, getiteld Twobones 2007- Groovin' Bones ( featuring Dado Moroni). Voor mij waren er twee goede redenen om deze plaat mee te nemen. Allereerst uiteraard het feit dat de band Twobones gevormd wordt door twee ervaren trombonisten, Paul Haag en Danilo Moccia, en het feit dat Dado Moroni als gastpianist meespeelt. We gaan niet voor minder. Lees er morgen over in: Twobones 2007 ( met Dado Moroni).
Negenhonderd - 900:
Deze dagelijkse Keep Swinging weblog bereikte deze week zijn 900ste editie
Congratulations with the blog entry no 900. ( = Gefeliciteerd met de 900ste blog.) Amazing that you've reached so far without losing steam! (= Geweldig dat je zo ver gekomen bent zonder vaart te minderen). We'll keep feeding all those jazz cats with sweet & hot music. (= We blijven al die jazzcats voeren met sweet & hot music). Remember, it don't mean a thing, if it ain't got that swing, so - keep swinging, right! ( = Bedenk, It don't Mean a Thing, If It Ain't Got That Swing - als het maar swingt ..... Keep swinging - blijf swingen !) Jo Ergen Denemarken.

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