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Praktica und Dixieland

( Naar de Nederlandse vertaling.) Praktica en Dixieland
This is the kind of LPs you often find in second-hand record shops or at flea markets. Compilation LPs with The Best of Dixieland music or other dubious selections. Nowadays such compilations are still made for cheap CD productions. Most of these selections contain uninteresting music. This album, the Praktica & Dixieland - Everywhere In The World (Amiga 8 55 637) is such an album that has all appearances against it.
Normally I'd neglected this kind of records, but because the present of Charquet et Co on one of the tracks ( St. Louis Shuffle) I gave it a chance and bought it for one euro. The International Dixieland-Festival in Dresden (Germany) has been organised since the early 1970s and is still a large festival scheduled in May of each year. On the LP, which seems to be sponsored by Praktica, contains ten tracks, all recorded by different orchestras for a radio broadcast on the 5th and 6th of May 1978 in the Dresden Kulturpalast.

Praktica was a brand of single-lens reflex cameras in those days. I don't think the factory is still active. It was the cheapest camera of that type to purchase, so for a lot of middle-aged people this might have been their first camera.
On the album, except the Charquet et Co track, you can find tunes by a lot of traditional jazz bands like the Ken Colyer's Jazzmen from England, which played traditional New Orleans music, or, as the liner notes reads: New-Orleans -Musik reinsten Stils, bewundernswert leichtflüssig (sic), fast "gemütlich", dennoch enorm swingend, vorbildlich im Ensemble-Geist und mit meisterhaftem kollektiven Verflechtungsspiel. (= The most pure styled New Orleans music, fleeting ( or should I read leichtfüssig !!) light-footed, almost "cosy", but very swinging, a strong orchestra and great collective orchestration.). Other bands are The Milano Jazz Gang from Italy, who plays a kind of Frisco Jazz, the Dutch New Orleans Syncopators, influenced by the Dutch Swing College and honoured for its "mehrstimmiger" Gesang, eine wirkliche Attraktivität (= harmonized vocals - really attractive), the Jazz Doctors from Sweden, the Blue Note Seven from Austria, the Fesor's Big City Band from Denmark, directed by Ole "Fesors" Lindgren, the Old Metropolitan Jazzband from Poland and of course, the Charquet et Co from France. Two local bands, the Optimisten Sonneberg from Berlin and the Papa Binne's Jazzband complete the selection.
When I played the record I was surprised by the music as almost all tracks were great. No Dixieland, sorry for that, Dixieland with straw hats and umbrella's, a kind of music I don't like, but pure traditional jazz as was played during this period and it reminds me to the numerous Traditional Jazz Festivals in Breda, in the south of the Netherlands, where I heard some of these bands during the 1970s and 80s.

Ole "Fesors" Lindgren ( Fesor's Big City Band). I heard him playing July 2005 in Copenhagen with his Grand Danois" Fessor-Nulle Quintet .
Unfortunally, I've never heard the Charquet et Co band live - what a shame. It's one my favourites and I love to show you why. Enjoy a fragment by the Dutch TV program Sesjun with Charquet et Co playing Everybody Stomp.

This record learns, that record covers sometime misled. Bring your own feelings with you .... sometimes they help you making the right decisions.

Hans Koert

Nine hundred 900
This daily Keep swinging blogs will reach its 900th edition this week.
I have looked forward to reading , looking, and listening to your daily jazz inspirations for many months. You are always expanding and enriching my love of jazz and music. Thank-you
Ian R. O. ( Ontario - Canada )

Keep swinging

Hans Koert

Nederlands ( To the English translation ) Praktica en Dixieland
Platenhoezen horen een spiegel te zijn van datgene, wat je op de plaat mag verwachten, maar soms zetten hoezen je op het verkeerde been. Wat te denken van Praktica & Dixieland. Praktica, voor de jongeren onder ons, was een goedkoop Oost Duits merk fototoestel, dat de goedkoopste spiegelrefelxcamera's produceerde, en voor velen van ons werd met de zelfverdiende centen met bessenplukken, vakantiewerk bij Coroos of met bollenpellen ( ik zit hier in Zeeland) deze camera aangeschaft. ........... en Dixieland .... is voor mij synoniem met strooienhoedjes, hamburgers, en The Towertop Of Bommel ( = ..... je leest het goed !). De LP Praktica und Dixieland is zo'n misleider .... Je vindt er morgen alles over in de bijdrage Praktica en Dixieland !

Negenhonderd 900

Deze dagelijkse Keep Swinging weblog bereikt deze week zijn 900ste editie.
I have looked forward to reading , looking, and listening to your daily jazz inspirations for many months.
( = Hans - Al heel wat maanden kijk ik uit naar je dagelijkse jazzinspiraties: lezen-kijken-luisteren.) You are always expanding and enriching my love of jazz and music. ( = Je weet steeds mijn belangstelling voor jazz en muziek te ontwikkelen en te verrijken.). Thank-you.
Ian R. O. ( Ontario - Canada )

Keep swinging

Hans Koert

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