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Who was the photographer? Louis Armstrong - Blokker (1965)

Louis Armstrong - Blokker (1965): Fotograaf gezocht (Nederlands) Who's the Photographer? Louis Armstrong - Blokker (1965) (English)
Who took this photo?
Martin Van Der Waals - Hans Koert

A few months ago I posted contributions about two remarkable Dutch jazz concerts, scheduled in a small village in the northwestern part of The Netherlands, in a small village called Blokker, situated between Enkhuizen, Medemblik and Hoorn. The series of jazz concerts in the Blokker Auction hall started in the mid 1950s when two boys, Ben Essing and Jan Vis, scheduled a concert by the Dutch Swing College Band, then one of the leading jazz bands of The Netherlands and still active now-a-days. The concerts became a hit and in May 1958 the King of Swing Benny Goodman was invited. He was received like a real King of Swing. A year later Louis Armstrong played in a jam-packed hall. You can learn more about these 1950s concerts in a contribution entitled: Satchmo - live in an auction hall in Blokker. In May 1965 Louis Armstrong was invited again to play in Blokker. Thanks to Henri Hoogewoud the Keep Swinging blog could share with you a unique live coverage and some of his original photos. This contribution was posted five months ago as: A unique report: Louis Armstrong in Blokker - 1965

Louis Armstrong in Blokker ( May 1965) - Who took this photo? ( photographer unknown)
Martin Van Der Waals, jazz lover and fascinated by Louis Armstrong, contacted me and told me that he had two more photos from this 1965 concert. He had got the photos from a man who had found the two photos at a basement cleaning of the Haags Gemeentemuseum ( The Hague - The Netherlands) a few years ago. Two original photos from Louis Armstrong at stage in Blokker are labeled on the reverse as F1824 and F1825. Martin sugggested that these photos could have been made by Henri Hoogewoud too. Henri told Martin that the photos were not made by him and suggested the US photographer John Loengaard who's still active. John Loengaard was a Time-magazine photographer and joined the Louis Armstrong All-Stars during its European tour. I remember that Henri told about him - about how he had flashlights every where on stage and when he wanted to make a photo he only had to connect the flash with his camera. John told that he wasn't the photographer either and he couldn't find any clue who could be the maker of it. As Martin loves to share the photos with the Louis Armstrong House Museum ( Corona NY) it would be great if some one could identify the photographer.
All suggestions can be send to
Hans Koert

An anonymous picture calls up questions - anonymous is not the right word in this case, as we know when it was taken and that the man on the photo is, of course, Louis Satchmo Armstrong, one of the best known jazz musicians ever. But who took this photo on the 27th of May, 1965 at the Auction Hall in Blokker in the north western part of The Netherlands? Martin van der Waals contacted me and loves to know ..... The Keep Swinging blog helps him in his quest for this name. Is you don't want to miss it register for its weekly news letter.

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