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Marc Mommaas surprises with new album: Landmarc

MARC MOMMAAS suprises with new album: LANDMARC
It's only the music, that's important - the rest is social-bullshit.

Hans Koert

Marc Mommaas verrast met nieuw album: Landmarc (Nederlands) - Marc Mommaas surprises with new album: Landmarc (English)

Marc Mommaas is one of the three Dutch jazz musicians that were depicted in a Herman Van Der Horst article, entitled Geslaagd in The Big Apple ( Jazzism - summer 2010). Marc Mommaas left Holland more then 15 years ago, to find a living as a jazz musician in New York City. He learned, that it's not that easy to survive in New York. He had to find moonlight, but found his place within the New York Jazz scene, where you have to fight hard for the recognition you deserves. Last year his album Landmarc was released, recorded at the Charlestown Road Studios in Hampton NJ February 2009 with his Quintet, featuring Tony Moreno on drums and Nate Radley, Vic Juris and Rez Abbasi on guitars.

Marc Mommaas ( Porgy en Bess - Terneuzen (The Netherlands))(February 2011) ( photo courtesy: Hans Koert)

Marc Mommaas was born in Tegelen, in the south-eastern part of The Netherlands, more then 40 years ago and studied Economy and Communication in Amsterdam. He raised in an artistic family, with a mother who is a piano player and an opera singer and a father who is painter. His first recordings were with the Dutch vocalist Astrid Seriese and the US vocalist Fay Victor who lived in Amsterdam in 1997 when this record was made. In New York City Marc made records with the Bill Gerhardt Quartet featuring the French bass player Francois Moutin and in 2006 with Alon Nechusthtan, whose latest album Words Beyond was reviewed here a few months ago. Marc made several albums under his own name, like Global Motion ( 2003).
Marc Mommaas - Landmarc ( SSC 1249 ) ( cover portrait courtesy: Henk Mommaas)
Last year his album Landmarc was released on the Sunnyside label.
The album Landmarc contains half a dozen tracks, all Marc's own compositions. The title tune, which I liked best, starts with a unison intro by Marc Mommaas on tenor sax and Nate Radley on electric guitar. Nate, who plays on a
ll tracks, is a versatile New York guitar player who recorded with Chris Potter, Greg Osby and Maria Schneider. It's remarkable to learn that Marc uses only one or two guitar players and one drummer to accompany him: Vic Juris and Red Abbasi. The latter also plays the electric sitar and can be heard at one of Marc Mommaas previous albums Global Motion. The former, Vic Juris, can be heard in the modest Folksong, together with Nate Radley. Tony Moreno plays drums on all tracks - they play together for more ten a dozen years and can be heard on the album 7 Ave South by Diana Perez and the before mentioned album Global Motion. He is a sought after accompanist and can be heard on dozens of albums.

Marc Mommaas (photo courtesy: Hans Koert)
Two months ago I heard Marc Mommaas with the Amina Figarova Sextet at a concert at the
Porgy en Bess Jazz club in Terneuzen (The Netherlands). The music played at that concert was from her latest album Sketches where Marc can be heard on tenor saxophone. Right after the concert Amina Figarova and her husband Bart Platteau took the plunge to move to New York City too. Last weekend, the 30th of April, 2011, the Amina Figarova Sextet performed, with the same line-up as in Terneuzen, in Bay Springs,Mississippi at the Jazz in the Groove festival
Marc Mommaas ( photo courtesy: Hans Koert)
The cover of the album was made by Marc's father Henk Mommaas who is a painter and the third track of the album, Brush on Canvas is dedicated to his father's
jazz artists paintings . Henk, who inspired his son Marc and Carlos to become jazz musicians, introduced Marc once, as a small boy, to the legendary tenor saxophone player Ben Webster, who lived in Holland the last years of his life. He still remembers that giant hand that reached him from above ....... Isn't it great that I heard the sound of Ben in the first measures of the title song Landmarc, including his famous warm and breathy tone and slow marked vibrato!
Marc Mommaas ( photo courtesy: Hans Koert)
Marc Mommaas will perform with his New York Quartet at the Porgy en Bess Jazz Club in Terneuzen ( The Netherlands) the 5th of February, 2012. Don't forget to join this concert.

Landmarc: a great record, Marc, a must have for each jazz fan, who loves modern style hardbop orientated jazz. This album can be ordered at the website of Marc Mommaas.

Hans Koert

Marc Mommaas is one of those Dutch jazz musicians who moved, succesfully, to "the promised land", the States, years ago. Not an easy switchover, as he had to fight for the recognition he deserves. Muziek is waar het om gaat,(= It's only the music that's important), he says about his stay in New York, de rest is gewoon sociale bullshit.(= the rest is social-bullshit). Marc feels at home in the New York Jazz scene. Now and then he comes back to his homeland to play with bands like the Amina Figarova Sextet. His latest album, Landmarc, surprises with the special line up: tenorsax - drums and two guitar players - a great surprise!

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