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Jeff Aug - Raw Fingers & Steel Strings World Record Tour

Promotion tour for 5th solo album Wedding Song

Hans Koert

Jeff Aug - Raw Fingers & Steel Strings World Record Tour(English) Jeff Aug presenteert Wedding Song tijdens recordpoging (Nederlands)

The US guitarist Jeff Aug keeps in touch with his fans. He will meet them a small, but remarkable tour, in which he will play in nine European countries: Luxembourg, Belgium, Holland, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria - all in one day - 24 hours. He labels this Raw Fingers & Steel Strings World Record tour as: 9 shows to play - 9 countries to travel - 24 hours to make it happen! Like in 2009 Jeff Aug wants to be listen into the new updated edition of the Guinness Book of Records and labelled as the artist who performed most concerts in different countries within 24 hrs. His promotion tour in 2009 for his 4th solo album Living Room Sessions became a great success!

Jeff Aug ( photo courtesy: Jeff Aug)
Jeff Aug is a US guitar player who toured Europe since the mid 1990s as the opening act for several pop bands like the Canadian Rock band Rush, the US metal band Queensryche, Albert Lee and a German Crossover band.  Since he started professionally as a guitar player he made several solo albums. Twenty years ago I started my first solo acoustic instrumental finger style performance, on the 19th of December 1991 at Food For Thought in Washington DC, Jeff told me, so that was 20 years ago. That's why the album is entitled Wedding Song. I think the title track Wedding Song really brings together my favourite elements of a solo acoustic finger style guitar instrumental.
Jeff Aug ( photo courtesy: Jeff Aug)
Three years ago he surprised me with his 4th solo album
Living Room Sessions. On the second of March, 2012 his 5th solo album will be released, entitled Wedding Song, which will be promoted at his European tour. The album contains 15 tracks, all solo performances, by Jeff Aug at the guitar; some tracks are played on the baritone guitar. like Diving Into The Autumn Deep. It is the first track he ever wrote for a baritone guitar. The dark brown sound isn't just for electrics. We wade, float, swim and then dive down through the foliage's musky aura. Clean dirt accentuate the crevices of the folds in our skin as we bathe in the fallen leaves carpeting the forest floor.
Jeff Aug - Wedding Song (nMZ0401582) (photo courtesy: Frank Nieuwenhuizen)
Most tunes are uptempo rhythmical improvisations in a style Jeff labels as ethno fusion, which reminds me to the music of guitarist like Al Di Meola ...... A tune like Ten Steps To The River's Edge, which is one of the tunes I liked best, expresses his feeling, walking along the edge of the river .... and savor the ripples of the current cascading their way against my ears. Another track that fascinated me is 7 Ate The Cat (And Called it a Boogie) - a 7/8 riff with a bite!

I love to share with you a film fragment of this tune, as played by Jeff Aug live at Blue Shell in Cologne March 2011.
The final number, The Will Between Us is honoured to Murat Parlak, who was responsible for the recording and mixing of this record. He has been a great friend and companion through these recordings, Jeff told me, It has been a great honour working with him.
Try to visit one of Jeff's promotion concerts. He can be heard in March at several venues in Europe. You can find a list at his website , where you also can order this great guitar album. Find a yourself a copy of this great guitar album.
Hans Koert
Jeff Aug will present his latest album Wedding Song on the 2nd of March, 2012, followed by a unique series of concerts, which he labels as: 9 shows to play 9 countries to travel 24 hours to make it happen! His music, which he selected for Wedding Song. however, has a much longer best-before-date. It learns that Jeff Aug is a master in the so-called ethno fusion fingerstyle guitar playing. Get yours! It wil surprise you! Keep Swinging love to point you to this kind of fascinating music. If you love to be the first to read about it, follow the Keep (it) Swinging blog at Twitter (# keepitswinging) or ask for its free monthly newsletter (
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A killer-guitarist with a fabulous technique, indeed. So much energy and drive hunting a theme that unfortunately doesn't become a melody - more or less in the old school of modern fingerstyle guitarists. Less is more ...

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