Monday, January 01, 2007

Keep swinging

A New Year has started ...............

New changes - new provocations

Our answer for a better society ...........

Let's swing ........

Keep swinging
We all wish you from The Netherlands a swinging New Year.
Hans - Corrie Koert
100: Chicken Chowder-3591 OSSMAN-DUDLEY Trio (January 1907)

Een nieuw jaar is begonnen...........

Nieuwe kansen - nieuwe uitdagingen

Ons antwoord voor een betere wereld ...........

Laat het swingen .............

Keep swinging
Vanuit Nederland wensen we iedereen een swingend nieuwjaar
Hans - Corrie Koert
100: Chicken Chowder-3591 OSSMAN-DUDLEY Trio (January 1907)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Jo,
I'm glad to learn that you recognized our spirit in the heavy swinging Six Fat Dutchmen ( I count seven of them - I guess the tuba player on the far right isn't a real man - I can 't see him ) I found on the internet. Isn't it cute - the man on the right, trying to enthused the audience to clap their hands and trying to get the Six Fat Dutchmen playing the right measure. And what about the singer. I can imagine how he felt: finally the opportunity to show his beautiful voice outside the bath room and when he finally gets the change to sing for the camera, he starts one measure too early. and .... oh boy - how difficult it is to sing out of tune. Great. and then the announcer, who has done his homework, with a complete script. When he announces the first song, he hurries to the back of the orchestra to be on screen and while the band is doing their job, he prepares his next announcement. It must be great to be in this Polka band, but I think it must have been a life work for the director to the right to get this great orchestra to swing .... swing ........ swing ........... swing ............ ( accents on the first and third notes ). He is the living example of my motto: Keep Swinging. I think he is doing a good job.

Keep swinging

6:31 PM  

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