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Scheldejazz '10 - Terneuzen

Scheldejazz '10 - Terneuzen ( Nederlands) Scheldejazz '10 - Terneuzen ( English)

Rony Verbiest and Johan Verminnen open the festival
SCHELDEJAZZ '10 - Terneuzen
Hans Koert

In the month of May numerous festivals are scheduled in the south-western part of The Netherlands. I don't want to mention the pop festivals ( like the Bevrijdingsfestival), but I limit myself to the two major jazz festivals: the Fourth International Jazz Festival of Middelburg ( which was schedulded last weekend) and Scheldejazz'10 in Terneuzen, which starts today. Today I love to share with you the program of the latter: Scheldejazz'10 in Terneuzen ( in the southwest part of The Netherlands)
Philip Catherine ( photo courtesy: Hans Koert)
The Schelde Jazz Festival has a long history. It started all with a street parade in 1967 organized by Frank Koulen, the black owner, locally known as
De Neger, of a tea room entitled Porgy en Bess in the Noordstraat in Terneuzen en developed into the 1990s to one of the largest events in the Zeeuws-Vlaanderen region with guests like Astrud Gilberto and Chet Baker. Now, in 2010, a new festival has been scheduled in May's last weekend: 28th up to the 30th of May, 2010.
Rony Verbiest ( photo courtesy: Hans Koert)
What about the bands scheduled? The festival is opened at the Schelde theater on Friday the 28th of May 2010 with the Boo's Jazzoo's and Ronie Verbiest with vocalist Johan Verminnen. Ronie was the Artist in Residence of the Porgy en Bess Jazz Club last season and I remember
the New Year's concert where he impressed on the harmonica. In the evening Philip Catherine and Bert Van De Brink are scheduled at Porgy en Bess - two men who know all the tricks ...... don't miss this concert. There will be music in several bars in the city, like in de PIT where Jules Deelder will play his records. On Saturday a street parade will revive the good old days of Frank Koulen and a lot of music will unsafe the centre of the city. What to think about Lillian Boutté, Jan Akkerman, the Jan Learbuch Orchestra, the Westerschelde Big Band, the Scat Cats and Gino Buysroggge and the Bulldoze Band? - just a few names to mention.

Jules Deelder ( photo courtesy: Hans Koert)
On Sunday Joep Peeters, will perform with his Terrific Ten, a band dedicated to the music of Elvis Presley ( with jazzy, zydeco, hillbilly, Swing, New Orleans boogaloos and Rhythm and Blues elements) in that typically Joep Peeters manner. If you've heared Joep's latest record, Elvis Anders, know what to expect. In the afternoon at het Arsenaalplein the Young Vips will perform and the Basily Family: the latter, featuring Popy, Zonzo, Tucsi, Raklo, Gino, Noekie, Zonzo, Morice, Marc and Antal Basily, will bring a program dedicated to
Django Reinhardt, who was born 100 years ago.
Joris Postumus
The Young Vips contain two bands: the Joris Posthumus Quartet and the band of Simin Tander. Both bands were invited to join this Young Vips Tour 2010. Joris Posthumus just released an album, entitled Abyss, which surprised - so don't miss this concert too ..........

Scheldejazz'10 is a festival with both modern as traditional jazz elements - it's a pity that other festivals seem to be less diverge - The Scheldejazz'10 is a festival that will enjoy every jazz fan .....

Scheldejazz Terneuzen

Hans Koert

One of the regular visitors of the festival for years is the Breda multi-instrumentalist Joep Peeters and his bands. This times he may close the festival weekend with a tribute to The King, Elvis Presley, together with his Terrific Ten Be there - Don't miss it ........



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