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Jeff Aug: An Attempt On A Record

Jeff Aug: Een Recordpoging (Nederlands) Jeff Aug: An Attempt On A Record. (English)

Wounded Fingers "World Record" Tour 2009

Living Room Sessions
Most concerts performed in different countries within 24 hours.
Hans Koert

Within a few weeks, on the 13th of March 2009, Jeff Aug will release his fourth solo guitar album, titled Living Room Sessions. Jeff Aug is an acoustic instrumental fingerstyle guitar player with a tremendous technique. On the album you can find 15 tracks and the first one is titled Boots on Fire. I love to share with you a film fragment of that tune.

All tunes on the album are composed by Jeff Aug; from a funny, almost hill billy tune like Louisiana Voodoo Boogie and Hoedown on the Chicken Farm (including noisy cows), Spanish and Irish influenced tunes like Lightness and Highlife, up to funky notes in Chemical Funk. Some tracks are limited to half minutes (the Intermezzo's). The last track will surprise you like the hidden tracks on some Verve-albums in the 1990s. It contains some licks and false starts of Boots on Fire. (Take your times !!). The two video fragments posted in this blog are inserted on the CD too. The second fragment is titled One Twenty to be seen at the end of this contribution.

When you believe that the acoustic guitar in jazz, played in the fingerstyles, is music for pre-Charlie Christian musicians or musical styles (Charlie Christian introduced the amplified guitar in modern jazz) forgets that a lot of jazz musicians still play their music on a few strings stretched across a wooden box, as I found the acoustic guitar described somewhere. Musicians like Al Di Meola and Earl Klugh have won their spurs. Jeff Aug plays in that tradition, although he has his own style with elements of Funk, Jazz and Dance music. His guitar playing is not limited to the acoustical guitar alone; he also plays the electric amplified guitar in groups like the Floating Stone or as an accompanist for Anne Clark and the jazz fusion guitar legend Allan Holdsworth. With the latter Jeff Aug will perform solo, at the start of the concert, during Allan Holdsworth European tour next month along a dozen of European venues in The Netherlands ( De Boerderij in Zoetermeer and de Gigant in Apeldoorn), in Belgium (Spirit of 66 in Verviers) and in several German and Austrian clubs.
To promote a new album artist organise tours along venues, to show their fans the music of their latest album. So does Jeff Aug. But, as he writes in the press release, for this album he didn't chose for an old stand-by-run-of-the-mill number. No, you won't find Jeff in a weary fortnight tour along a dozen venues, but in a full European tour, labeled as the Wounded Fingers Tour 2009, in one day (!), which means 6 concerts in six countries within 24 hours. These are the countries scheduled for this attempt on a record for the famous Guinness Book of World Records in the category: Most concerts Performed in Different Countries in 24 hours: On the 13th of March (Jeff's birthday) he’ll perform at 7.00 am in Liechtenstein, at 9.00 am in Switzerland, two hours later in Austria and at 1.00 p.m. in Germany. In the afternoon Jeff Aug will perform in Verviers in Belgium (at 2.00 am) and this short, but intensive tour, will be concluded in De Nieuwe Nor in Heerlen (The Netherlands). You can find all details with venues and times below this contribution.

Love to finish with the second track of Jeff Aug's album Living Room Sessions: One Twenty.

Living Room Sessiopns - Jeff Aug ( nMZ 0401482 )
I learned that this album is like a good bottle of wine - the more you play it, the better it tastes ............
Hans Koert


13.03.2009 - 19 Hours - Vaduz (FL) - Camaleon

13.03.2009 - 21 Hours - St. Gallen (CH) - Grabenhalle

13.03.2009 - 23 Hours - Dornbirn (A) - Spielboden

14.03.2009 - 01 Hours - Immenstadt (D) - Rainbow

14.03.2009 - 14 Hours - Verviers (B) - Spirit of 66

14.03.2009 - 17 Hours - Heerlen (NL) - Nieuwe Nor

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeff Aug has successfully set the world record "most concerts performed in different countries in 24 hours" by performing 6 x concerts in 6 x different European countries on the 13th and 14th of March 2009. He started at 7 pm in Vaduz, Liechtenstein on 13.March and ended at 6 pm in Heerlen, Netherlands on 14.March 2009. According to Jeff, the "Wounded Fingers World Record Tour" was incredibly exhilarating. The audience in Vaduz, Liechtenstein was thin, but enthusiastic. In St. Gallen, Switzerland, the touring party ended up driving to the wrong address (the promoter´s home instead of the club), but then quickly worked out the right address and parked right in front of the venue, jumped out of the van, and Jeff performed show number 2. Show number 3 was in front of a Friday night theater audience in Dornbirn, Austria. The drive to Immenstadt, Germany took the band through the Bregenzerwald (Bregenz Forest) over the Alps through heavy fog. These first 4 shows were back-to-back from van to stage to van to the next venue, topping off with an incredible concert in front of a massive crowd at the Rainbow in Immenstadt, Germany. The tour crew then set off on a 7.5 hour drive to Belgium through the night. On 14.March, Jeff woke up with a stiff arm. The record was set in Verviers, Belgium (5 concerts was needed to set the record), and then signed, sealed, and delivered a hair-raising performance at show number 6 in Heerlen, Netherlands which Jeff performed with a bandaged arm.

We expect to have an official Guinness (TM) confirmation of this record in the next 2 to 3 months.

Jeff Aug

4:44 PM  

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