Monday, April 28, 2008


Yesterday Hans and Corrie visited us at our home in Aabenraa. They are spending their holidays
in our region and had arrived just the day before after driving 10 hours in their car from Zeeland up here. They have rented a small cottage in Als and are planning to explore this area comming 10 day with a break of three days for a trip to Copenhagen. Later this week I'll accompany them for a short trip to Ribe, the oldest town in Scandinavia. We'll visit the Viking museum there and have a view of the city.

Hans and Corrie are really nice people and close friends, and it was so good to see them again. They had presents with them for us - take a look at the treasure box of carefully chosen Dutch sweets and other delights! We hardly know how to say thank you for this.

Hans also had this wonderful poster by R. Crumb with him as a special gift for me - he even helped had it hanging on the wall!

I'm proud to be a co-editor of the keepswinging-blog and I'm happy to have the opportunity to post some entries at the blog while Hans is taking a break from his daily duties and enjoying his holidays together with Corrie.


"The Beau Hunks? The best to come from Holland since tulips!", someone said in an interview. Perhaps this sounds overexacterated, but maybe Dutch people always look so happy like Hans and Corrie on the picture above, because they have The Beau Hunks as part of their national identity. Anyway - Smile!




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