Saturday, May 13, 2006

Northsea Jazz at Friday

The program of the North Sea Jazz Festival has been published and of course I was anxious to learn what artists will perform. This year the festival will be held in Rotterdam instead of The Hague. I was specially interested in the first evening, Friday, as this probably will become the evening to visit the festival.

First of all the great names in Jazz: Branford Marsalis, Artist In Residence, which means that he will perform three days in all kinds of bands and Herbie Hancock. Both are Plusconcerts which means that the perfomance will be in one of those giant halls, the artist as a tiny dwarf somewhere at the horizon while the camera's enlarge him on a giant screen and the music amplified to improbable scales. I don't know if I like that.

Some other names. James Carter will be there, but as you may know I have a ticket for the Breda concert at Ascension Day. Benny Golson, I have to see him ( again) and the Roy Hargrove Quintet. I'm anxious to learn if Roy will pick up his old quintet-style again. I hope so.

Some other names that attrack my attention: Brad Mehldau Trio ( I have to see him again), Bill Frisell, Yusef Lateef ( he's still alive?), Jasper van 't Hoff, Benjamin Herman, Piet Noordijk ....

Wel, I guess I have to order my ticket today ......


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