Sunday, April 09, 2006

What Hit of the week is most popular?

Record companies are seeking to promote their recordings. Today I received a message from Archeophone Records that they released a new record made by Arthur Pryor and His Band, Echoes From Asbury Park recorded between 1903 and 1913. The CD features 25 selections by the legendary maestro and his band, and they programmed it to simulate two concerts, like visitors a century ago to New Jersey's Asbury Park might have witnessed them.

To be honest, this period is for me too old and the music to far away to call it jazz, but the records made by Archeophone Records are of a good sound quality and the lines notes are very informative.

As Archeophone released two 2CDs filled with Hit of the week recordings I was interested to learn if they are still mentioned in the Most Popular list. ( The first 2CD ( Arch 3002) is still on 5 )).

Surfing on their website I learned that they now have a voting system to find out what tune is the most popular of each release. The voting list for the first The Complete Hit of the Week Recordings (volume 1) ( Arch 3002) is to be found here and here and the voting list for the second The Complete Hit of the Week Recordings volume 2 ( Arch 3003) here and here .

Please vote and if you like inform me what titles are your choice. As this is a new service from Archeophone they need a lot of votes. Let's have a look at the results within' a few weeks.

As this is a typical Hit of the week subject I have also posted this mesage on my Hit of the week web log


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