Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Doin' Things

The collaboration between violinist Joe Venuti and guitarist Eddie Lang has been documented on numerous recordings from the mid-1920s until Lang's untimely death in 1933. The recordings made by Venuti-Lang, whether as a duo or in small ensembles, belong to the core of 1920s essential jazz. 2003 was the centennial year of Joe Venuti and presented an opportunity to celebrate his legacy. The shown cd, "Doin' Things A Little Like Joe Venuti" (Stomp Off, CD 1390) by violinist Andy Stein and His Blue Five is a great tribute, recreating the Venuti-Lang years.
Andy Stein is aided and abetted by musicians who are equally at home in this musical format: Dan Levinson (clarinet, alto, C-melody, and baritone sax), Dave Boeddinghaus (piano), Martin Wheatley (or Matt Munisteri on two tracks) (guitar). Most of the tunes are directly associated with Venuti from "Stringin' the Blues," the first Venuti-Lang duet, to the title song. But included are two original Andy Stein compositions, "Stayin' Home" and "Strappin' The Blues" plus "Tennessee Lazy," borrowed from Coon-Sanders. A well-produced tribute to Venuti.

Learn more about Andy Stein at his official website, where you also have the opportunity to listen to sound clips from the mentioned cd, click here

I found a video fragment of a live performance featuring Andy Stein (violin) and guitarist Michele Arioda playing "Wild Cat", one of the compositions created and recorded by Venuti & Lang. Hope you to enjoy

Let's not forget the original source of this wonderful music - a short fragment from "The King Of Jazz" showing Venuti-Lang doing their things with the same tune as above




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