Monday, August 14, 2006

Dream of the Future

Ever thought about growing up in 2056?
You have to listen 24 hrs a day to the taste of the average cosmopolitan, characterized by a steady beat as that is the only vibration that can reach your damaged ears.
The iPod you found in the lumber-room of your parents doesn't work anymore as batteries are no longer allowed, and only available on the black market. The gramophone museum in the city couldn't survive and the dusty remains of the XXth century have been moved to dark cellars. The strange disc you found at an eBay auction seems to contain so called jazz music, but as your PC doesn't accept *.wav files anymore you use it as a beer mat.
You can update the music chip in your head at a refill station in the supermarket, but the files they store are more-of-the-same.
It seems that an expedition found somewhere in a deserted city in old Europe in an obscure, dark and smoky ( using fire is not allowed) cellar, a man, who seems to be able to play in a style of the music, as played by a small minority of mankind in the Twentieth century. The man, answering to the name of Byrd, who shouted incoherent talks while arrested, says to be the last one to play jazz music. The security forces have locked him up in a mental hospital.


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