Sunday, August 06, 2006

Dr Zilch

The third EP of Dr. Zilch will be their last one, because the members of the band decided to stop.
Time to renew, they say on their web site; time to start other things. It might be the reason they titled it The Next Level.

Their last performance in public was a few months ago at Jazz in Duketown, a large music event in Den Bosch, one of the major cities in the south of the Netherlands.

They label themselves a group of young, pigheaded, ambitious musicians, who make the music they like, inspired by jazz, rock and funk as played by great stars like Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis and Frank Zappa.

They call their music: Grooving Funky Jazznoised Freakrock.

The members of the group as they played on their first two productions

The four members of the band are Paul Funke ( bass guitar), Jeroen Kant ( guitar), IJsbrand van 't Zand ( tenor saxophone) and Yori Olijslagers ( drums ). They decided to go their's own way and this demo EP, recorded October 2005, will be their final ones.

You can have an idea of their sound while listening to part of Conquerd Territory

The two previous released EP's are titled Super Sounds of the Hight-Fidelity generation and Flux.


Super Sounds of the High-Fidelity generation: ( IJsbrand van't Zand ts, Jeroen Kant g, Paul Funke bg, Mark Scheepens dm.) Recorded 2003
1. Raul.
2. Phoenix
3. Fuzz
4. La Payetta

Flux (Paul Funke bg, IJsbrand van 't Zand ( as Ice-B To The Z.) s, Jeroen Kant g, Mark Scheepens dm). recorded ca. Oisterwijk ( The Netherlands), May - Oct 2004
1. Raul
2. Sweet Moving
3. El Cable
4. Flux

The Next Level ( Paul Funke bg, Jeroen Kant g, IJsbrand van 't zand ts, Yori Olijslagers dm). Recorded ca. Oisterwijk (The Netherlands) Oct. 2005
1. Conquerd Territory
2. 4 x 4
3. Holiday?
4. Seventeen: Almost Legal.

Of course we're anxious to learn more about the plans of these four boys, not only because they are young and ambitious, but also because Michiel S., here playing under his nickname IJsbrand van 't Zand happens to be my little nephew ( 6 feet high ). Their last CD, The Next Level, seems to be still available at their web site .

We'll keep in touch !


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