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Thanks so far for the first reaction sofar. Who's next?
Within a few days this daily Keep swinging blogspot will have been a half year online. There are a dozen regular visitors I like to thank for joining it every day. To find them I made a small quiz. Today is the third day to post a part of a band name that will become the subject of the 183rd blog. If you can mail me that name you'll be in the race for a nice present. Good luck

third indication Prague

As it is a foreign group it is good to learn that it is also written as Prazsky

Record collectors are weird species of the human race. Their highest target is to find rare items that have a huge emotional values for them. The music on the records seems of minor importance.

I'm a record collector too, but not as weird as I wrote, although I see visitors knit their brows as I show them my card board Hit of the week collection and explain that I never play the record for fear of damaging the surface. I even have a pretty large collection of flexible records most unplayable after 75 years. Isn 't that strange?

When I was a teenager I started to buy my own records. I still cherish the first one I ever bought ( Jazz Session with Bobby Hacket). When I grew older I decided to sell most of my LPs as the CD became the new medium to publish music. It gave me some funds to sell CDs.

I allowed my brother to save some LPs for his own collection ( A collection who has been untouched and unplayed now for years ). Last week I discussed with him why I sold my collection as I'm now searching for LPs to complete my collection.

There are several LPs I'd love to have back in my collection. Not as an object, but for the music. Thanks to my brother Peter I could grabble in his collection to burn some of the most desired LPs. I burned the LPs A Day In Copenhagen by Dexter Gordon & Slide Hampton and The Viking by Niels-Henning ├śrsted Pedersen and Philip Catherine. I'm sure both are reissued on CD, but I never came accross it. The famous concert of the Original Prague Syncopated Orchestra ( oh boy, a giveaway ) in Breda was never reissued and I will discuss this record in one of my next blogs. And last but not least the great recordings of Emanuel Sayles with the Cotton City Jazzband, also one of the subject of a blog soon to be published.

When I was a teenager I joined all the concerts of the Instant Composers Pool, a Dutch free jazz group of musicians like Wilem Breuker, Han Bennink and Leo Cuypers while they performed at the concerts of Nieuwe Muziek in Middelburg (The Netherlands). In the 1960s they were all young musicians experimenting with free music styles. Most people labeled that kind of music as a bunch of noises - my brother and I were young adults and found it interesting to be part of that scene, I guess.

I remember to have bought two record boxes of that free jazz group, and in the last issue of the Jazz Bulletin was a small article titled Bonbondoos, about two boxes that are nowadays wanted objects for record collectors. I sold both boxes in the 1980s. One was the, now called, Bonbondoos ( Chocolate box), a beautifdul designed round box with two records titles simply ICP 007/008 and the other ones where the six flexible records, EP sized, made by Han Bennink and Misha Mengelberg titled Een Mirakelse Tocht Door Het Scharrenbroekse. (ICP 013 )

I'd love to hear the music of these two items again.

Can someone help me ?

I lost my interest for this free style jazz music during the 1970s. Once I overheared such a free jazz record in a record store in Middelburg - I liked the music I heard, but then the man in the shop told me that the forgot to change the button to 33 rpm ( he had just played a single on that gramophone). I guess that must have been the signal for me to start collection more traditional jazz styles.


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a late reply sometimes is better than none - if you're still looking for the bonbondoos, i posted the sound files of the double album on my blog here.


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