Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Svend Asmussen

Yesterday my friend Jørgen and his family from Denmark arrived at Schiphol, Amsterdam (The Netherlands) for a short trip in our country. We had to use the complete afternoon to get from Schiphol to Zeeland, due to heavy taffic.
Late in the afternoon we reached the place where they will stay for some days. In the evening we did some shopping and had a light meal.

They brought us a basket with Danish products and a 2006 Svend Asmussen DVD, called Svend Asmusen et Liv I Musik.

I had a short preview this morning and although part of the DVD is in Danish ( without subtitling) there is a lot of music.
A great present.

Svend Asmussen is still suprising.

He will be in concert at Tivoli on Saturday 15 July 2006 with his trio. The concert of this 90 years old star has been sold out already !!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lazaro V. at Organissimo Jazz list.

Heard Svend in 1985 at Tivoli, and interviewed him, too. The band included Kenny Drew, NHOP and Ed Thigpen. Everything was consice and too the point, with solos kept short and beautifully balanced, especially Kenny Drew's. And of course it was swinging.

Been a long time since The Swe-Danes.

Lazaro V.

7:20 AM  

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