Thursday, July 06, 2006

Christina von Bulow

A year ago, at the 2005 Copenhagen Jazzfestival and the IAJRC Convention ( International Association of Jazz Record Collectors) I was introduced to some new names and music styles. I told about that in my blogs.

On the 6th of July 2005 I was present at one set of the Christina von Bülow - Ben Besiakov Quartet at the Palace Hotel in Copenhagen (Denmark). To be honest I didn't know what I had to expect; now a year later I know that Christina is a skilled musician in the Danish scene for years.

A few month ago I found a CD from her trio in Rotterdam, titled The Very Thought Of You. It was a surprise to find this CD outside Denmark as it is still very difficult for jazz musicans to find acknowledgement outside their country. Mind that jazz music isn't hot business, like Robbie Williams with large promotion on music stations like MTV. So I don't have to reproach myself with the fact that Christina's music was new for me. Another thing of minor importance was that Jacob Fisher playes the guitar on that album. Maybe he'll be subject in one of the next blogs.

Christina von Bülow grew up in a family with jazz around her everywhere. Her father was a professional jazz guitar player (Fritz von Bülow). She started to play the piano and as a teenager she studies flute and alto saxophone. She studied at the Rhythmic Conservatory in Copenhagen and became an all-round musician. She spent two month in California where she met Stan Getz. She talked and played with him and appreciated his style. Back in Denmark she met Lee Konitz. He also had a geat influence upon her style of playing.

This CD The Very Thought Of You, made in cooperation with the Swedish trumpet player Jan Allan, happens to be her first album.

More information about Jacob Fischer


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