Sunday, July 02, 2006


A year ago I was introduced to Choro music by my friend Jørgen Larsen, co-editor of the Choro-Music blog ( ). In Copenhagen we joined the group Choro Brasil Scandinavia in a concert and a jam session with Jacob Fischer, a Danish jazz guitarist and his trio.

We found out that a documentary was made about Choro music, called Brasileirinho, by the Finnish film maker Mika Kaurismäki. It appeared to be difficult to obtain a copy, but last week the DVD was finally released in Holland and so I got mine.

I posted my first impressions of this documentary at our Choro Music blogspot . This blog, with a lot of information about Choro music, most edit by Jørgen Larsen, gives you the opportunity to inform your self about this great Brazilian music.

To give you an idea how choro music sounds I'll post you a link here that will introduce you to the tune Tico Tico, No Fuba, a well known Choro tunes.

Enjoy it.

Part of this blog was used in the extensive contribution at our Choro-Music blogspot.
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