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Phonycord is one of those rare flexible record labels from the early 1930s. I love to share my small collection with you.

They were originally produced in Germany and later in England ( P-series). They are flexible and made of a shiny celluloid material. The German issues contain Artiphone material, the English releases masters from the US Grey Gull recordings. There are also English productions. The German records were issued in 1930 and have the catalogue numbers 1 up to 691, but there are also numbers in the 2000, 3000, 4000, 6000 and 8000 range. The English have a catalogue number between P-74 up to P-135 and were released December 1930 up to April 1931. I do have a test record from the P-series (matrices P-108 and P-129) (source: Dance Band Encyclopidea)

Columbusorkesteri, Helsinki ( 10064) // Columbus-jazz-orkesteri, Helsinki (10083)
10064 - Suo nähdä sun silmäsi vielä slow-Fox (sov. Kalle Valkama) Laulanut Kaarlo Kytö) (PHONYCORD *FLEXIBLE* Columbus Nr 140)
10083 - Kuutamo-yön valssi (säv. M. Jurva-san.V.Syvänne) Laulanut Kaarlo Kytö (PHONYCORD *FLEXIBLE* Columbus Nr 140)LABEL: red

Complete label used on both sides.
Recorded ca 1930 MADE IN GERMANY
In the surface: D MECH COPYRIGHT 1930
This record has a Columbus label using the PHONYCORD FLEXIBLE record.

Argent. Tango Orchester
3036 -
Paris. tango v. F. Canaro ( PHONYCORD *FLEXIBLE* Nr. 193 )
3039 -
Media Luz Tango v. Donato ( PHONYCORD *FLEXIBLE* nn )
Recorded ca. 1930
LABEL: darkgreen.
First title: upper part of the label. Second title: lower part of the label
In the surface: P MECH COPYRIGHT 1930

Jazz-Sinfonie-Orch. E. Walis
11494 -
Argentina du kommst mir spanisch vor! Paso doble (Allan) Refr. R. Gessner ( PHONYCORD *FLEXIBLE* nn )
11497 -
Sinfonische Jazz-Paraphrase über E. Hildach's Lies "Der Lenz" Foxtrot v. Dransmann ( PHONYCORD *FLEXIBLE* Nr 507)
Recorded ca. 1930
First title: lower part of the labelSecond title: upper part of the label
In the surface: D MECH COPYRIGHT 1930

empty label. On the label written; Dancing With Tears In My Eyes Sam Lanin Nobody Cares If I'm Blue (and some more illegible handwriting )
This record seems to be a test record. There is no info into the surface except the two matrices.
The recordings are:

P-108 B - Dancing With Tears In My Eyes - Sam Lanin and his Orchestra ( Irving Kaufman vo) ( a fine Miff Mole tb. solo) ( PHONYCORD *FLEXIBLE* P-86 )(original matrix used by the English Piccadilly = 4070) (as Piccadilly Dance band)
P-129 B - Nobody Cares If I'm Blue - California Ramblers (Irving Kaufman vo)( PHONYCORD *FLEXIBLE* P-86 )


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