Monday, June 12, 2006

Mother Goose

Henry asked the members of the 78-L list:

Hi I just got some Durium childrens records. They look like the 10 inch ones but these are only 4 inches in size. They are really cute . One is titled Durium Mother Goose pt 1 Old King Cole by Frank Luthur. #5072312 on the back is pictured Lil Bo Peep, Jack and Jill, Old King Cole himself :) anyone know what dates these were made?

Thanks Henry

My reply: Sure.

The do-it-yourself method:

Go to ( The online Hit of the week Discographies )
Insert into the window the catalogue number or, in this case, the matrix number ( = 5072 ) ( yours don't read 5072312, but 5072 B 12, maybe without spaces. B = take number. 12 the stamper number.)

Enjoy page

The fast method:

As me
Go to the
the online Hit of the week-Durium discography sites (Scroll down to your record )

I'll give some more information and links about Durium Children records at my Hit of the week blogspot


Anonymous Anonymous said...

YES !!! Interestinly I looked closely at the numbers. 5072B are Pressed into the matrix while the 12 is Raised in the martix :) I have a full size Hit Of The Week and the numbers are in the same pressed and raised format. They also have the very neat woodgraining look. Thanks Henry

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