Friday, May 05, 2006

Gaston Bueno Lobo in the 1930s

This time a request for help: Jørgen Larsen wants to find out in what year the Brasilian steel guitar player Gaston Bueno Lobo died.

The discussion about the year of Gaston's pass away started some weeks ago in my
Oscar Aleman blog spot. If you visit the blog you'll find in the contribution the story that Oscar Aleman told according his split with Gaston Bueno Lobo, his companion in the Los Lobos duo.

According to Hernan Gaffet's documentary Lobo went depressed to Brazil ca. 1931 and committed suicide. However Jørgen Larsen discovered some Lobo recordings in 1932 and 1938 ( ! ) which means that Lobo's dead might have been taken place not early 1930s, but late 1930s.

Joergen discusses all details extensive in that
blog spot of 22 April and posted another indication today that might proof that Gaston Bueno Lobo was still active in the late 1930s.

Can someone give us more information about the period Lobo returned to Brasil until his death?

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