Saturday, May 06, 2006

Budget Getz at the supermarket

I bought myself a Stan Getz record, called Lady In Red at the local supermarket for a few euros. Twenty tunes for 15 cents each. You can find these mass productions in filling stations, Media Markets or drugstores. They are cheap, don't have any discographical information and contain tunes that are free of rights or stolen, shameless, from serious productions.

I bought myself Stan Getz's "Lady in Red"

If you should believe the cover it must be recent work from Getz, from the last decade of his life. On the cover Getz as he was playing somewhere in the 1980s or 1990s, but the recordings are from early 1950s, when Getz had left the Woody Herman band as part of the Four Brothers and recorded with his own quartet for Prestige and Roost. These early Getz recordings belong to the best he made and to be found for 15 cents-รก-tune on this cheap budget CD.

I wonder if someone ever made a discography for this kind of ephemeral releases. Maybe I should do. It looks like the Hit of the week-Durium project to draw a parallel as the records don't divulge their secrets too. What would be a proper name for such a discography? Supermarket Jazz discography or Budget Jazz Discography or ......

Please send me your suggestions.


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