Friday, April 07, 2006

Hot Antic Jazz Band

Waste No Tears ( Bechet) by the HOT ANTIC JAZZ BAND ( Michel "Doc" Bastide cornet trombone, Jean-Francois "Sweet" Bonnel clarinet and saxes, Jean-Pierre "Papa-de" Dubois banjo, Gilles "The Furniture Remover" Berrut piano, Christian "King" Lefevre sousaphone and special guest Virginie Bonnel on clarinet. )
Recorded at a concert in Bath (Great Britain) 7 April 1981.
(I Got The Stinger - Stomp Off S.O.S. 1044 )

While touring through England 25 years ago, the French Hot Antic Jazz Band gave a concert in Bath (GB). The tune Waste No Tears has been released on a 1982 Stomp Off LP I Got The Stinger. On the cover of the record they call themselves Five Crazy Syncopated Guys from France. They want to bring the music of Jabbo Smith, the man who was known for his hot jazz style of trumpet playing in the late 1920s. Jabbo Smith was, a they say, the only trumpet player that could beat Louis Armstrong. I like their music very much, because it is spontanious and it sounds very authentic. They made a tour with Jabbo Smith through France, Switzerland and Italy in March 1982 and these records, with Jabbo singing some beautiful ballads, belongs to my favorites.

The Hot Antic Jazz Band belongs to a group of typical traditional jazz bands like Charquet et Co, the Orphean Celesta or the Petit Jazzband de Mr. Morel. Great music, always hot and as I remember, a little party to be on one of their concerts. Unfortunally I never heard the Hot Antic Jazz Band live on stage, but I was at a concert with the Orpheon Celesta and the Le Petit Jazzband de Mr. Morel.

The band is still active and on tour nowadays, so if you have the possibility join their party !!

Orpheon Celesta: Maastricht (Netherlands) 12 October 1985
Le Petit Jazzband de Mr. Morel:
Breda, 22 May 1998


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