Thursday, April 06, 2006

Hollywaiians: 1936 and 2006

Today, seventy years ago, 6 April 1936 the Sol K. Bright Hollywaiians recorded two songs titled Rena Awapuhi and Tahiti Nui. This now long forgotten group plays music in the Hawaiian style using the slide guitar like musicans as Roy Schmeck. I do have this recorded somewhere hidden between on a CD between hundreds of MP3 files. This Hawaiian style music was very popular in the 1930s, not only in the US but also in Holland with groups like the Kilima Hawaiians. To be honest - I like the original 1930s tunes the best. I have no info about this Sol K. Bright Hollywaiians group, but I like the name. I opened my Google search sites hoping to find some mage or info about this artist. I learned that some tunes of the group have been reissued on CD and that a modern Japanese group, that makes music in the style of Roy Schmeck exists, the Sweet Hollywaiians. It's a Japanese group with Tomotaku Matsui on steel guitar and ukulele , Nobumasa Taka on guitar, Kouki Shiren on ukulele and Kouichi Tsutsumishita on double bass. Guest player is Misako Ooe on vocal. Exotic names from the Far East that play music from the South Sea. As their websites are written in Japanese characters it is impossible to get information about these guys ( and one lady) ( the vocalist is a lady), but one can derive some interesting facts reading their sites. Tomotaku got his inspiration from Roy Schmeck, Sol Hoopi and Carl Kress. Great !! Nobumasa likes Dick McDonough and Allan Reuss, Kouki is inspired by Django ( who else). Great to learn that these unknown musicians are inspired by musicians that are in my record collection too and love to hear.

It convinces me that jazz music ( I call this style a kind of improvised music, so it's a kind of jazz) is a world wide phenomenal that brings all people all over the world together.


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