Monday, April 03, 2006

Concert: James Spaulding + Rein de Graaff Trio - 3

On 2nd April 2006 the Rein de Graaff Trio with James Spaulding as special guest gave a concert at the Porgy en Bess Jazz Club in Terneuzen ( The Netherlands). James Spaulding, now 68 years old, convinced being an experienced side man for years beside artists like trumpet player Freddie Hubbard. He playes the flute in a light and lyrical way, but personally I enjoy his driving saxophone playing more. He is a creative hard-bop player. He shows himself as an spired entertainer, sharing remembrances of his early carreer with Freddie Hubbard and his personal view on mankind.

His backing group, the Rein de Graaff Trio, with Rein de Graaff on piano, Marius Beets on double bass and Eric Ineke on drums, plays like a well-trained machine, as usually; three very talented musicians. Mind that Rein de Graaff and Eric Ineke, playing mates for years, are used to each other for 35 years now, mostly as a backing up group for US stars. Marius Beets, who will be part of Eric Ineke's new hard bop group JazzXpress, being a talented bass player for more then 12 years, released his own album on Maxander Records last year with his own big band arrangements.

More info: Porgy en Bess Jazz Club


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Thank you so much for your comments on James Spaulding. It's refreshing to hear critiques from someone of a different culture. It only goes to prove that music crosses all boundaries and that music is definitely of the spirit.

Jean Spaulding

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