Thursday, March 09, 2006

The secret of Mrs. Hartloper - 2

When you have seen the Van der Keuken film Big Ben: Ben Webster in Europe (1967) film, I guess you'll have the same experience as I had. Why did she pamper this giant child, that drinks his genever and films every moving object that rides through the street with his amateur film camera?

Jeroen de Valk talked with Mrs. Hartlopers grandson, who lifts a corner of the veil. about his grandfather who happens to have been a jewish US soldier who stayed in Europe after World War I, playing the jazz violin for a living. He married Mrs. Hartloper in 1925, but left her, with a child, alone after a few years to wander about Europe as a jazz musician.

Jeroen de Valk wants to know if someone can help him to complete this story. What happend to this Louis Hartloper?

Jeroen de Valk also digs up another nice story in his great article - about the record production of Ben Op Zijn Best. I hope to tell you the story behind that record later.

to be continued later


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