Friday, March 10, 2006

Ben op zijn Best

Jeroen de Valk also tells the story about a rare 1970 Webster recording for the album Ben op zijn Best. The recording contains traditionals and Ben is backed by the best Dutch jazz players of the moment: Ray Kaart, Herman Schoonderwalt, Ruud Brink, Cees Slinger, Rob Langereis and John Engels. The record was sold at Albert Hein and was sold out within a few weeks. Jeroen de Valk tells in his articvle Het geheim van mevrouw Hartloper about the the reissue of the LP on French RCA Ben didn't know about. He believed that Cees Slinger had sold the rights without his permission. That wasn't true. It is a fact that this LP was never reissues on CD.

I'm proud to have a copy of this LP.


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