Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Take Your Pick

"Take Your Pick" by Arie Lighthart - Bob van Oven and Wim Kolstee ( Hilversum 9 June 1959 )

Isn't that cute? This morning I found a message in the Hot Jazz Guild from Joe Gordon. He wrote:

I'm hoping that out there is another 'Banjoist' who started after hearing Arie playing 'TAKE YOUR PICK' with the Dutch Swing College Band......why? Well, in one of our many house moves (well, you have to move often when you play banjo!)....I lost my record of Arie's version of that tune. It was a kind of talisman for me,....I can STILL remember the excitement I felt when I heard it LIVE in Glasgow..... and..... it was one of the proudest moments in my life when I could play MY VERSION of 'Take your pick'! Does anyone still have an LP or cassette of DSCB with that title on it? I'd be happy to pay whatever....or, if you wanted to have the LP or Cassette copied to computer...and 'cleaned'.....Clicks and noise removed etc. and then burned to CD....I'd be happy to do that in return. Regards, JOE GORDON.

Last year I bought some EP's at a junk market for our local sport club and one of it had a beautiful 1950s cover. I bought it, but .... back home the record was missing ..... So: sorry Joe. I really miss that record too !!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Hans, There is a chance to get an LP with 'Take your pick'! If it happens I'll make a CD and send you a copy! (Enjoyed your web page!) Regards, JOE GORDON

10:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, Thanks to Dennis I have ordered the LP with 'TAKE YOUR PICK'! So
Nico, you don't have to bother searching for your EP! Thanks also Hans
for your interest. When the LP arrives I'll keep my promise to all
three of you ...if you want a CD copy let me know? Regards, JOE GORDON

8:29 PM  

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